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‘I feel fit and strong again as a new mum’: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 5

I’m starting to feel fit and strong again. As a new mum, this is an incredible feeling. Having a baby, you’re pregnant for nine months and your body goes through all sorts of crazy, mental things. Then essentially for months and months after you’ve given birth, your body is still repairing itself. It really takes […]

Why I Ignore the Scales and Focus on Fat Loss: Sarah Wedding Transformation Week 4

Don’t believe everything the scales tell you. It’s easy for people to obsess about their weight and the number on the scales – but it’s not the be-all and end-all when it comes to a body transformation. Your weight can fluctuate for a million different reasons day to day, and if the number doesn’t move, […]

I’m Lifting Heavier Than I Ever Thought Possible: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 3

So this week I really feel the training has moved up a gear. I am feeling soreness, but that’s because I’m lifting heavier weights than I ever thought would be possible for me. The transformation has become a way of life now three weeks in. Friends have stopped asking why I can’t go to the […]

My Wedding Diet is Simple and I’m Losing Fat: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 3

There’s something to be said for keeping things simple. I work long hours, I’ve got a little boy, I have a house to run and a wedding to plan – the more straightforward everything is, the better. The same goes for my diet and training on my 12-week transformation to get in shape for the […]

Not Even Sugar Cravings Can Stop Me: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 2

Monday came around again and I was very proud of myself that I had religiously stuck to the plan. Over the weekend there were various offers of lunches, meals out and trips to the pub, but I managed to dodge all of them successfully. I came to realise that Netflix is my new friend. I […]

‘I Survived My Hen Party and lost 6lbs’: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 2

One slip-up doesn’t have to spell disaster. Feeling like you have to be 100% perfect with absolutely everything can leave you feeling like everything is ruined if you have one little blip. But that’s not the case – if you fall off the wagon, it’s how you respond to it that counts! I found this […]

The 5 Best Body Transformation Recipes

Fat loss diets don’t have to be boring. Eating high-quality, whole and minimally-processed foods will make you feel great, but only ever sticking to the same set of meals for weeks on end will lead to serious tastebud fatigue. Adopting a ‘food is fuel’ mindset and rotating between a limited number of meals can work […]

Peri Peri Chicken Recipe with Tangy 75-Calorie Marinade

It’s hot, spicy and downright delicious – peri-peri sauce is a favourite when it comes to taking your regular chicken breast to the next level! With this recipe, you can have peri-peri sauce on hand whenever you need your fiery fix – and you can know exactly what’s in the recipe too! You can use this recipe […]

Low-Carb Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry Recipe

Katsu chicken is a delicious dish with Japanese origins. Crisp, crunchy coated chicken paired with a rich and tangy curry sauce – what’s not to like? We’ve used flaked almonds to coat our chicken breast, and rather than deep frying this dish we have baked it in the oven. You could pair this dish with […]

This healthy Coconut Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice Recipe Tastes Like a Cheat Meal

If you're craving a curry, but don't want to ruin your diet, this recipe is absolutely perfect....

What you need to do when your body transformation prep is over – Emily’s Blog

When the rock-solid focus of your transformation is over, what happens next? This is what you need to do...

UP Food – Buffalo Avocado Chips

Avocados have made it, whether they are crushed on toast and sprinkled with chilli flakes or attracting all of the limelight in a delicious guacamole they quite simply make a nutritious snack at any stage of the day. Well it’s about time they had a makeover, a refreshing new favourite to break up the endless […]

Sam’s Fitness Journey – The Results!

Yes. It really is that time…time to show what on earth all the fuss over this ‘12 week transformation‘ and why I’ve been writing about my emotions for the last 84 days. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve been following my journey (thank you) with Ultimate Performance and you can’t wait for me […]

Sam’s Journey: The Final Week – I’ve Got Abs!

Never have I had to experience such a high level of commitment IN MY LIFE. I’ve never had a reason to say no to cake, McDonalds, fizzy drinks or anything for that matter. I never knew just how much I wasn’t saying ‘no’ to…until now. It’s the final week of my 12-week transformation with Ultimate […]

Sam’s Fitness Journey: Week 11 – A Confidence Boost

I’ve been asked a lot about why I decided to put myself through UP’s 12 week transformation and I could say that it was for work, I could say it was so I could experience UP’s services for myself but honestly…I now realise I needed it. Last year, after struggling with an Achilles injury for some […]

Sam’s Fitness Journey: Week 10 – Your Fitness Goal

Crikey, we’ve not got long left now have we?! When I started this 12 week transformation with UP I really had no idea what I was in for – in fact, when I really think about it, I was just thinking about my ‘before and after’ shot and how great it would be to achieve […]

Sam’s Journey – Week 9: Under Pressure

Week 9?! Well that came around quick. Now I have just 3 weeks to achieve my goal of being fit enough to be considered for the next Marvel heroine. On a serious note, having a goal is always important and one of the best things about this 12 week transformation is the timeframe you are […]

3 Ways to Try Chocotrients: Chocolate Banana Cake

Bursting with Benefits Banana Bread You know that saying “The best thing since sliced bread” well, sliced Banana Bread is exactly that, and more. Made from simple, clean ingredients and free from refined sugars, each slice offers the texture of cake but with the added beneficial properties of bananas, good fats and the option of […]

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