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Why getting ‘buy-in’ with clients is paramount for trainers

Getting the buy-in from your clients is the most important, and most challenging, aspect of our job. It can’t be faked or gamed for long, it has to come from the heart. For some, it comes from a burning desire to help people. Whilst for others, it comes from a love of achievement for driving […]

5 Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide

Whether you are a complete beginner in the gym or have been training for years, a good personal trainer can be worth their weight in gold for your progress.   Whatever your goal, there are so many benefits that a professional and results-focused personal trainer can provide along your fitness journey.    While some people may see […]

Ramadan: How our Ultimate Performance trainers approach training and nutrition

For many Muslims around the world, Ramadan can be a challenging time when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness.   During the Holy Month, long hours of fasting without food or water followed by hearty Iftar meals with family and friends can make sticking to a training regime and healthy eating habits all the more difficult.   […]

Personal Training Without Nutrition

Personal trainers offering training without nutrition plans to support the effort you exert are only offering a compromised experience. You deserve better.

How to Tell If Your Trainer Is a Keeper

Being a great trainer is impossible to fake. You don’t have to like your client. In fact, in the unfortunate circumstance when you think your client is a schmuck, it really isn’t the end of the world. “Liking” someone is irrelevant, albeit mildly helpful. What counts is professional pride. You don’t have to like your […]

How U.P. Trainer Umar Trains During Ramadan

U.P. trainer Umar explains how he trains during Ramadan, while maintaining his progress and muscle building efforts

Nick Mitchell: Are Bodybuilding Personal Trainers Really the Best?

Nick Mitchell has changed his mind that ‘bodybuilding personal trainers are best’ after building his UP empire

The Secret of What Makes a Great Personal Trainer

Nick Mitchell reveals what makes a great personal trainer and the culture at UP that has forged the company’s reputation

A Good Personal Trainer Shouldn’t Be a ‘Rent-A-Friend’

Personal trainers shouldn’t be a rent-a-friend or gym babysitter – this will never bring results…

5 Ways Personal Training Will Change Your Life

Jenny spells out just why a personal trainer is exactly what you need.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer & How to Choose One

How do you choose the right personal trainer for your goals – whether they’re muscle building, fat loss or fitness?

Nick Mitchell: This is Why I Won’t Do Business Consultations

Everyone in the fitness industry is available for consultations. But here’s why Nick Mitchell isn’t

Nick Mitchell: Why You Can’t Do What I Can Do

Think You’ve Got What It Takes To Build a Global Personal Training Business? Nick Mitchell explains what it really takes

Nick Mitchell: The Biggest Fitness Marketing Lies

Find out what Nick Mitchell has to say about the Fitness Marketing industry and what he dislikes about it

Nick Mitchell: Beware of Coaches Who Teach Beyond Their Pay Grade

The education of a great personal trainer and the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’

Nick Mitchell: Ethics in the Fitness Industry

Learn about the ethics involved in the fitness industry and the rules we play by at UP Fitness.

Who Is The Best Online Personal Trainer For You?

Find out more about our Online Training with our UP Personal Trainers

Sports Specific Personal Training

Learn about the sports specific personal training

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