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The Secret of What Makes a Great Personal Trainer

What do you call something that can’t be faked?

It can’t be bought, it can’t be stolen, and it can’t be copied.

It’s been one of the driving forces behind the worldwide reputation that Ultimate Performance personal trainers enjoy today.

It’s even more important than education, a fancy gym, and let’s not even mention expensive nutritional supplements.

It can be taught.

It’s something that the right culture encourages, grows and fosters.

It needs to be brought out of trainers in many different ways, which is why it’s so hard to consistently replicate. I suspect a heck of a lot of personal trainers would like to know how we do it.

It doesn’t even have to come from a so-called “good place”.

The desire for money, getting your face in the limelight, or plain old-fashioned naked ambition can all swing it and make this work.

In fact, there’s an argument that if you’re too empathetic, you’ll leave objectivity behind and fail.

What I am referring to is how invested you are in your client.

Nick Mitchell and Joe Warner


If you care more about the outcome of your work more than your paying client, then you know you’re on the right track.

This is THE secret of what makes a great personal trainer.

It’s certainly not unique to personal training as this quality undoubtedly makes for great service and professionalism across an enormous array of jobs.

At UP, we do everything that we can to ensure that our trainers have significant and tangible reasons to care about their client outcomes.

We can’t leave it to chance, otherwise we’re just trusting in the blind luck that our team do exactly what we want them to.

Instead, we’ve found a formula. One that takes an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work to keep alive, that means our work, from the hour on the gym floor through to the final ‘before and after’ photograph, has meaning and that our team has every reason possible to leave no stone unturned to help their clients achieve their goals.

Today’s message wasn’t intended to morph into a sales pitch for UP; it’s a cry to the personal training industry to step up their game, ditch the Instagram selfies, and care more about their clients’ workouts than they do their own.

We are in one of the most influential professions in the world for positively impacting our clients’ lives; I wish more of us would use that wisely.

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