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How to Work Out Effectively at Home

Do we need heavy weights to build muscle? The COVID-19 lockdown puts traditional weight training out of reach for most, so what can we do to workout effectively at home?

Resistance Band Workouts (Part IV)

If you want to train but can't go to the gym or can't easily access one, you can use a resistance band to exercise all areas of the body. Elliott, our head of LiveUP, will show you how in this video.

Resistance Band Workouts (Part III)

If you're looking for workouts that don't require any heavy gym equipment, Elliott (our head of LiveUP) is here to show you some resistance band exercise that will help you train effectively without having to step foot in a gym.

Resistance Band Workouts (Part II)

If you don't have access to a gym or gym equipment, you can try these resistance band exercises to tone your entire body – demonstrated here by our head of LiveUP, Elliott.

Resistance Band Workouts (Part I)

Our head of LiveUP, Elliott, shows you why a resistance band is one of the most versatile fitness equipment.

Bodyweight Workouts (Part III)

As demonstrated by our head of LiveUP, Elliott, these are some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere, without any gym equipment.

Bodyweight Workouts (Part II)

These bodyweight exercises that you can do at home will get your body ready to build some serious muscle – as shown here by our head of LiveUP, Elliott.

Bodyweight Workouts (Part I)

Our head of LiveUP, Elliott, is here to show you how you can effectively get fit and build muscle with bodyweight exercises.

The Ultimate At-Home Workout

A full body workout for business people to help stay in shape when travelling with work or on holiday

The Only Workout You Will Ever Need!

This is the best workout for fat loss which will give you maximum results in minimum time!

Glute Training: The Best Butt Workouts

Want to know how you can look good naked? Find out how you can look amazing naked with our training tips

Nick Mitchell’s Muscle Thrashing Arms and Chest Workout

Muscle growth training doesn't have to be complex. Nick Mitchell's chest and arms workout is about pure passion and rage

Intense High Volume Leg Training

Here's some hugely intense, high-volume leg training thats guaranteed to leave you feeling sore for a few days after!

The Best Summer Holiday Workouts

When you're on holiday working out can seem like a chore, heres Nick Mitchell's advice on how to keep it 'fun'.

The Best Shoulder Workout For Mass

Looking to increase mass on your shoulders? Follow this gruesome bodybuilding workout to build your shoulder muscles.

Advanced Bodybuilding Workout: Chest & Arms

Looking for an intense bodybuilding workout to increase chest and arms? Follow this workout and leave your thoughts.

Intense Gym Workout for Bigger Triceps

Follow Nick partially through a low volume, high intensity triceps workout. Include this in your future tricep workouts.

Nick Mitchell’s Monster Bodybuilding Shoulders Workout

Follow Nick through a gruesome tri-set shoulder workout. Try this for yourself and leave your comments below!

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