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The Myth of Fat Turning to Muscle

The Wake-Up Call That Will Save Your Life

Tell me about “health at every size”, the slogan that has been co-opted by some “fat acceptance campaigners”. Idiots who would tell you the moon is made of cheese, if it suited their agenda, to exhort us that obesity is “not bad for you at all, actually”. I also have to add, as some people […]

The Bristol Stool Chart: Is your stool healthy?

While not everyone is comfortable going into great detail about their bathroom habits and regulation, tools such as the Bristol Stool Chart can be a useful benchmark to help you identify any problems with your gut and digestion. The Bristol Stool Chart describes the typical composition of different types of stool, based on colour and consistency to identify if your faecal matter is normal […]

3 Training Strategies for Bigger Arms

This topic doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s rare to find a serious lifter who’s satisfied with his current level of arm development. When things are going well, the arms are one of the most fun body parts to train. But there’s nothing worse than when you reach a plateau. Below are a few […]

How to Avoid Man Boobs

Learn more about why our clients don’t have man boobs

U.P. Hypertrophy Training Camp

If you’re an experienced trainer or advanced gym go-er try out our intense hypertrophy camps at

Nick Mitchell: The Biggest Fitness Marketing Lies

Find out what Nick Mitchell has to say about the Fitness Marketing industry and what he dislikes about it

Nick Mitchell: Beware of Coaches Who Teach Beyond Their Pay Grade

The education of a great personal trainer and the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’

Nick Mitchell: Ethics in the Fitness Industry

Learn about the ethics involved in the fitness industry and the rules we play by at UP Fitness.

Natural Remedies for PMS

We at UP Fitness share a number of natural remedies to help you overcome PMS

The Truth About Hyperplasia

Learn more about Hyperplasia and what the advantages and disadvantages are in relation to building muscle

Sports Specific Personal Training

Learn about the sports specific personal training

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