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5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes in January

Are you planning on starting a body transformation this January?

If so, you’re not alone.

Every January, thousands of people start a new diet and training regime, and on paper, it’s a perfect time.

You’ve overindulged in December and are super motivated to transform your body. However, very few people complete their transformation, which often is down to a few simple mistakes.

This article will break down and provide solutions to the five biggest fat loss mistakes we see people make in January.

Mistake #1: Setting unrealistic goals

Goal setting is incredibly important when it comes to getting in shape. However, one of the biggest mistakes people make in January is setting unrealistic goals for themselves.

For example, if you weigh 90kg with a high body fat percentage, then aiming to drop down to 70kg in 12 weeks is a little too optimistic and will only set you up to be disappointed.

A better goal would be to lose 1% of your total body weight each week, which equates to roughly a 10kg loss in the same timeframe.

For most people, tracking body weight is a more accessible progress assessment tool than body fat percentage, but a word of caution:

Only weigh yourself in the morning, after using the bathroom and before eating/drinking. And don’t overreact to daily fluctuations, which are normal, focus on the seven-day average.

Learn how Daniel lost 53kg with a steady and sustainable training plan.

Mistake #2: Crash dieting

One of the biggest misconceptions about body transformations is that the diet has to be hard.

As an example, the liquid shake diet industry is now a multi-billion pound business, with leading companies exploiting the short-cut mentality many dieters are driven by, with claims promising a healthier and slimmer body.

The problems surrounding liquid diets could be an article in itself. In short, they’re a recipe for massive weight rebound, ruined digestion and hormonal catastrophe!

The truth is our success lies in the simplicity of our approach to nutrition. We ask all our clients to follow the 5 habits outlined in this article, and the feedback we get is that the diet was enjoyable!

Read how serial dieter Wendy finally found a lasting formula for her weight loss success.

Mistake #3: Not having a plan

As the famous saying goes, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

When it comes to body transformations, nothing could be more accurate – especially if you want outstanding results.

Rather than trying to go from zero to 100 by setting unrealistic goals and taking on crash diets, most people will see amazing results by following something like this:

See what Tim was able to achieve with a tailored training and diet plan in place. 

Mistake #4: Falling at the first hurdle

It’s very rare that we’ll get a client who never slips up once during their first 12 weeks.

The key is, how you manage it, and what you do after.

We always tell our clients that one bad meal or day on your diet doesn’t break your transformation, just as one good meal or day doesn’t make your transformation.

The clients who do best are the ones that respond to a momentary slip at one meal, by getting right back onto their diet by the very next.

Accountability can help a lot with this.

Hiring a trainer is one way, but the easiest and often the best method is to tell all your family and friends what you’re trying to achieve. It will make you accountable and more likely to stick to your goals.

Accountability helped Stewart stay in shape long after his 15-week transformation – read his 7 tips here. 

Mistake #5: Not thinking past January

UP is famous for delivering maximum results in minimum time.

However, it needs to be done safely, sustainably, and in a manner that leaves you feeling healthier and more vibrant. Not starving, fatigued and demotivated.

Starting January on an all-out assault to get the body you’re after in four weeks is asking for trouble.

Instead, set a SMART goal for yourself, and then break it down into small mini-goals to keep yourself on track and motivated.

Some goals will be obvious when looking at your calendar for next year. For example, your summer holiday or a friend’s wedding.

But you can also create a deadline for yourself. Every quarter we organise a photoshoot for our clients, and the thought of being pictured topless at the gym can be a powerful motivator!

Once your big goal is in place, the next step is to fill in the gaps with mini-milestones like short-term bodyweight goals or weight training personal bests.

If you don’t live near a UP gym you can still get in the best shape of your life with one of our UP Online Personal Training plans from anywhere in the world.


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