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What it’s like to be a new personal trainer at Ultimate Performance: Inside U.P.

It’s no secret that the pathway to becoming an Ultimate Performance trainer is challenging. For every hundred applications we receive, we hire on average just one candidate.

However, while we have high standards, the most important quality we look for is attitude.

We don’t expect candidates to be the fully-fledged final product: we teach the tools, systems and mindset to achieve consistently world-class results.

We do so by educating and investing in developing our trainers through our year-long Mentorship program.

We spoke to new trainers from our gyms around the globe to hear their experiences and gain a glimpse into their experiences of the U.P. training and development program so far.

Q: What were your expectations prior to working for U.P., and how do they compare now?


“My expectations of U.P. were that it’s a gym of the highest standard that is results-oriented and performance-driven; U.P. have more than met these expectations. Simply going through the extensive interview process told me a ton about how serious U.P. are when it comes to hiring staff, only choosing the best, and those who display the willingness to make this a career. Being here for almost two years, I must say nothing has changed.”


“The longer I’ve worked for U.P., the more I appreciate that getting results with clients comes from meeting them where they are, and genuinely being invested in their journey. Managers and Mentors take the same approach to the personal and professional development of the trainers.”


“I knew U.P. was going to push me to my limits and expect a lot from me. But U.P. rewards you massively for your hard work and loyalty. U.P. is a step above other gyms, not only through the education portal but through the client contact and accountability, the support from the other trainers, and all the help along the way to make you the best possible trainer.”

Q: What first drew you to apply for U.P., and what did the application process look like?


“I was drawn to U.P. because I wanted to focus solely on becoming the best possible trainer and not having to worry about being a good salesperson. I also wanted to learn as much as possible. They haven’t failed to deliver.

“The application process was the best I’ve experienced in the industry; I was very impressed. Some online testing followed the written application, before a practical assessment day, which was enjoyable and informative. The next stage was a theory case study followed by an interview to discuss my answers. The final stage was an interview with the global head of PT and my prospective manager.”


“I wanted a career that can be built upon and progressed rather than just a job. The application process was thorough and by the end, I was even more motivated to join.”


“Before applying for U.P., I was working with another gym that provided only personal training. Unfortunately, the lack of career progression and opportunities became an issue, and I was starting to lose my motivation towards the end of my stint there. That was when I decided that it was time to change my environment. U.P. came onto my radar when a friend told me about her experience at U.P. and how exciting and challenging it is to be a coach here.”

Female dumbbell shoulder press

Q: How have you found life working at U.P. so far?


“Having worked with two other gyms before joining U.P., it is clear why U.P. is considered the world’s leading personal training business. Culturally, everyone in U.P. shares a very clear and common goal: providing clients with the best possible value and return on investment. The systematic approach to progression is clearly defined, and the amount of support you receive makes your experience rewarding and satisfying. The only regret I have is not making U.P. the first gym to establish my career with as a coach.”


“Working at U.P. so far has been a transformative experience. I can see myself getting better as a PT almost on a weekly basis and am driven to continue improving. I am very impressed with how well managed the team is and really appreciate the teaching systems in place. There are tough elements of the job but it is always within the context of improving individually and as a team.”


“Most of my education in fitness before U.P. was from my own research. Having access to my Mentor and other senior trainers at U.P. has been invaluable in identifying what information is relevant and important to working with clients and improving my craft.”


“It has been an incredible experience working at U.P. so far. It has been hard work, but my knowledge as a trainer has grown exponentially over the last year and a half. The support from the team around me in encouraging my growth and wanting me to succeed is like no other gym. It is clear already that U.P. is not just a job but a career that will allow me to continue to grow and develop.”

Q: How does your learning and education experience at U.P. compare to previous roles?


“U.P. is the first role I’ve had that provides extensive education on all aspects of health, exercise, diet and various other topics! It’s one of the things that stood out to me from the start!”


“There is a big focus on mentorship, which I love because if you have any questions, the team is always there to guide you.”


“I think the education side is brilliant from both head office and the guys in the gym day-to-day.”


“Learning and education at U.P. are significantly different to anything I have experienced as a PT. The amount of time and effort invested into improving me as a trainer is on a different level from any other company in the industry. I have weekly and fortnightly meetings with my Mentor and Manager, hours of weekly education sessions, and most importantly, a whole team who are always willing to help answer my questions and give me advice as needed.”

Q: What does an average day look like for you?


“At U.P., it’s all about putting on your best performance with your clients on and off the gym floor. Once training sessions finish, we continue to follow up with our clients and provide them with whatever support they require. As coaches, we are encouraged to take our training seriously and lead by example, taking part in team sessions; pushing to our limits is expected.”


“A usual working day starts early with a couple of back-to-back in-person training sessions. I then do my morning check-ins with clients. Throughout the day, I have a combination of sessions with clients, an education session, 1-1, some general duties to help out the gym, admin time, and usually a gap to get a training session in. The days are long and busy, which is how I like it.”

To find out more about starting a career in personal training at Ultimate Performance or explore the roles we have across the global business, visit our Careers page.

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