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Nick Mitchell: Why Most of the Online Fitness Community Disgusts Me

When asked why I dislike many of these self-proclaimedevidence-based” fitness professionals, it’s never about their opinions and always about their actions.

Never has so much moralizing come from so many leaders with low morals.

I couldn’t give two shits if you think hormones are more important than calorie intake for fat loss, to name but one example. I’m comfortable with my views and I’m happy for you to express yours on whatever platform you have. I do care if you’re a serial sexual harasser, you dump your pregnant wife, or you make up defamatory websites aimed at ruining people’s lives.

Those are the so-called / wannabe leaders of this movement, they’re the pied pipers for the angry and insecure incels of the fitness community and they’ve spoiled so much by creating a toxic environment where far too many stay silent just because they don’t need the grief.

I’m feeling this a lot this week as I think on about Charles Poliquin’s death and the grubby treatment he received from too many quarters whilst he was alive.

Absorb what is useful to you, discard what is unnecessary (my Bruce Lee quote mash-up), and always play the ball, not the man.

For me, actions always speak louder than words – opinions can, and should change how we treat others, which is far more important. In this, I’m afraid to say that large swathes of the online fitness community disgust me and I am counting down the days until I’m never exposed to these losers again.

Nick with Joe Warner (middle) and Charles Poliquin (right). Rest in Peace.

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