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This Is the One Diet I’ve Tried That Has Made a Big Difference: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 8

It’s fair to say this process has really made me enjoy exercise again, and I’m now quite enjoying the routine of my meal plan/exercise sessions at U.P.

I think when it’s done I will actually miss it. I never thought I would be saying that!

I’m definitely stronger and leaner, and I am getting better at the exercises.

What I have really learnt from this programme is that sleep is absolutely essential to progress. I am aiming for eight hours a night and I am normally meeting that.

Before I started this my sleep was of generally poor quality and I would wake up a lot in the night.


The advantage of living in London is that you do tend to walk a lot more, which helps to meet my 15,000 daily step goal.

I’ve even walked from U.P. Mayfair to my house in North London, which is a fair few miles – but actually nice now that the weather is getting a bit better.

I’ve noticed that if I go away for the weekend, you really do have to plan it.

People tend to drive a lot more outside of London, so as well as taking a cool box of my EatUP meals, I really have to think about how and when I will get my steps in.

I went to a spa with a friend the other day, and while he relaxed in the jacuzzi, I got on the treadmill! I also check if I’m staying in hotels what gym facilities they have. Something I wouldn’t have even dreamed of before.

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You do really have to invest in your U.P. trainer and their diet and exercise advice, as if you do it half-heartedly, it’s a waste of their time and effort, and your time and money.

Another thing I’ve treated myself to this week is some new clothes, as some of mine are now a lot too big for me.

It actually feels so good to be able to shop for things you like and not be thinking about just buying a black top again to hide your body.

I still have a way to go but I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve tried so many diets and exercise plans, and this is the only one where I have really noticed a difference.

Giving yourself rewards like new clothes is key I think, as you can’t have cake!

So buy a new shirt instead – in a size down from what you used to be!

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