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‘I’ve Not Been This Happy With My Body For Years’: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 7

It’s fair to say I am loving the results of my journey with Ultimate Performance.

People are really noticing and being very kind on photos I put on Instagram, with the most popular comment saying that I’m looking lean.

I’m now in medium t-shirts and jumpers, and my waistline has shrunk. I’ve not been this happy with my body for years, and it’s all thanks to willpower and the incredible attention to detail from the guys at U.P.

I feel much more confident, and after training, I am absolutely buzzing.

Even my producers and bosses at Radio 1 have noticed, saying that I am doing some of my best shows right now – and I have to say I do truly believe it’s because of this.

My mental attitude to everything is so much better and more positive, and I don’t want this to end now, it’s become such a way of life.

However, did I walk past the cupcake shop at Brent Cross earlier and want one? Yes. But I didn’t, and the cravings and temptations are way less intense now.


Sean my trainer has introduced a small amount of carbs into my diet, and I think that is really helping with my training.

I feel that I am getting stronger and training way better than I was. As in I’m getting better at the exercises and form.

The sessions don’t get any easier (why would they?) but you just have to give it your all for the hour that you’re in that gym.

I also have learnt to not be a hero when it comes to the steps and cardio – 15,000 is my target and I am reaching that, but there is no need to try to get to a ridiculous amount of steps every day.

I do steady state cardio for 30 minutes on training days, and have now incorporated some HIIT sessions on the bike, rower or treadmill on non-training days. I feel these small tweaks really are helping.

I am getting ever closer to the goal and body that I had almost given up on achieving. And I am SO glad that I didn’t. It’s one of the best things I have ever done.


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