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My Body is Changing and I Feel Leaner: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 4

Another week begins and I’m really starting to enjoy the comments I’m getting from people.

Colleagues at Radio 1 are starting to say I look good/different/better and are starting to ask me how I’ve done it as I’m not making a big deal of it really.

I want to get on with this quietly and everyone to be surprised by the transformation!

I can notice changes now, especially when you wake up in the morning. You just feel a bit … leaner I suppose! And you do feel that your body is changing.

I also fitted into a medium jumper this week which hasn’t happened to me in some time – maybe three or four years!

I’m still not feeling hungry with the meals, but you just have to really plan ahead.

Your bag every day must have gym clothes, work clothes, your meals and your supplements.

The UP meal delivery service EatUP has been invaluable to me as my life isn’t 9-5, and no two days are the same so to be able to grab it out the fridge every day takes another part of prep away.

You can change what meals you get every week on the website too, so it doesn’t get boring, and if you have favourites then you can just re-order those for the next week.

For someone not very organized, the routine is something I do the night before I go to my training sessions in Mayfair, as I am not great in the morning so I need to know everything is ready to go the next day when I leave the house.


One thing I would say is that even though the 12-week transformation is quicker than any you can ever do, you can’t always expect to get a six pack after a few weeks!

This requires determination and you must put your absolute trust in your UP trainer. They know how to get results and they will as long as you do your bit of the deal.

Friends are still being super supportive, and having black coffee instead of a drink after work has become fairly normal. Coffee shops near my work have definitely had an upturn in business!

You do still get the occasional ‘let’s go out for a drink /roast dinner/meal at a restaurant’, but that’s only because they forget.

Feeling positive and the FOMO (fear of missing out) which you do have at the start of the programme does ease. Just got to keep going!


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