U.P. Transformation Principles Seminar


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Do you want to learn how to achieve world class standards for client transformations?

Learn just how Ultimate Performance have been given the title of the ‘world’s leading personal trainers’ at this EXCLUSIVE event and discover the principles behind the results that have made U.P. the industry leaders in body composition.

U.P. are extremely proud to present to you a detailed explanation and thorough examination of the journey we take each one of our incredible transformations through.

We pride ourselves on the level of detail we strive for – we are not in the guessing game, every measure is taken to ensure we take the client to their desired goals.

Learn the processes we apply day in and day out at Ultimate Performance to take yourself or your clients progress to the next level.


Dates & Schedule


  • U.P. Sydney, 499 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


  • Saturday 1st September: 9am – 4pm


  • Body Composition Priorities – Fat Loss, Muscle Gain or Both?
  • Setting Timeframes and Goals
  • Tracking Progress – Variations, Interpretations and Accountability
  • The Role of Nutrition – Accounting for Individual Differences, Goals and Timeframes.
  • The Role of Training/Cardio – Variations, Examples and Programmes
  • Troubleshooting – Plateau Busting Principles and Why NOT to Keep ‘Plodding On’
  • How to Maintain Results – Busting reverse dieting myths, how to build ‘lean body mass’ and how to sustain results with a more flexible approach


  • Learn exclusively from the world’s leading personal trainers
  • Test yourself with like-minded fitness professionals and enthusiasts
  • Take away industry leading knowledge which won’t be found anywhere else
  • Learn how U.P. have achieved some of the most famous transformations


  • Only $250.00

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View some of our outstanding results below:

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