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U.P. launches personal training career partnership with Future Fit

Ultimate Performance is partnering with one of the United Kingdom’s top personal training course providers, Future Fit. 

The partnership will help ambitious personal trainers who complete Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications with Future Fit access world-class career opportunities with U.P. 

As the world’s only global personal training business, U.P. operates 21 private gyms in 8 countries across the UK and Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. 

With U.P.’s global expansion continuing apace, the company is looking to recruit the highest calibre candidates to join the growing personal training team. 

Future Fit is the perfect partner to help support U.P.’s vision of giving trainers genuine long-term careers and bringing results-driven personal training to exciting new locations and countries. 

The British PT training company has an established track record of helping more than 50,000 personal trainers gain professional qualifications over the past 30 years. 

The partnership means Future Fit can offer its graduates a pathway into unique careers in personal training at U.P. that no other fitness business can provide. 

Matt Milles, Regional Gym Manager for London and Amsterdam at U.P, said:  

“U.P.’s partnership with Future Fit is extremely exciting. 

“We are both focused on developing world-class personal trainers who are passionate about transforming people’s lives.  

“Everyone at U.P. is looking forward to working closely with Future Fit to provide meaningful career paths for ambitious trainers.”  

Paul Swainson, Research and Development Manager at Future Fit Training, said: 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with U.P., working towards our joint goal of continually raising the bar in the health and fitness industry.  

“Like Future Fit, U.P. wants to give clients the very best personal training experience, and by working together we know we can provide the next generation of personal trainers with the knowledge and passion to change lives.” 

There are so many reasons to start your career with U.P. as a newly-qualified personal trainer: 

  • More than 200 hours of education 
  • Expert one-to-one mentorship 
  • Uncapped earning potential 
  • Generous bonus scheme 
  • Opportunities to travel the globe 
  • No sales or self-promotion 
  • Access to world-class technology 
  • Chance to build a career that’s more than just a job 

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