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U.P. launches third gym in Washington

Ultimate Performance has launched a third personal training gym in the heart of the Washington DC metropolitan area.

The world’s only global personal training business, U.P., has opened its newest facility in the US capital, a stone’s throw from the White House.

Located in the Penn Quarter, the new U.P. DC Metro Center gym brings its results-driven personal training methodology to downtown Washington DC.

It follows the success of the DC DuPont and Bethesda gyms in the DMV area as the company continues to go from strength to strength after the coronavirus pandemic.

The 4,345 sq. ft facility in 10th Street has become U.P.’s 22nd gym in its worldwide owned estate since the company launched in 2009 in the City of London.

Under the leadership of CEO and founder Nick Mitchell, U.P. continues to expand across the globe – with personal training gyms in locations across four continents, including Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Nick Mitchell said: “As we learn to live alongside Covid, we are seeing more and more people wanting to look after their health and fitness. At U.P., we deliver a no-nonsense approach that is worlds apart from the gimmicky dance studio classes that litter the market.

“We operate in some of the busiest cities in the world and deliver proven results.

“We already have two gyms open in the DMV area. We know our clientele, and we know their pain points. They’re pushed for time, working long hours in stressful jobs.

“Our individually tailored workout plans take this into account, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver truly transformational results for our clients in just 2.7 hours per week of gym time, on average.”

“Time after time, our clients also tell us that we have not only improved the way they look and feel, but we have also improved their productivity and performance at work.

“I also want to stress that our doors are open to everyone. Our trainers achieve results with everyone that we work with, regardless of sex, age or ability.

“It might be that you’re an experienced gym bunny looking to go to the next level, or it might be you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or lifted a weight in your life. We will cater to your individual needs and devise a program that is right for you.”

The new DC Metro Center gym is moments away from The White House and local underground stations Gallery Place-Chinatown and Metro Center.

The facility is ideally suited for workers in DC who struggle to find the time to fit going to the gym into their busy schedules, and who have tried and failed many times to achieve their fitness goals.

The average U.P. client spends less than three hours a week training in the gym, but within that timeframe, U.P. has built a world-famous reputation for delivering unrivalled body transformation results.

Since U.P. was founded in 2009, the company has helped more than 25,000 people across the world achieve their fitness goals.

With 22 gyms across the globe, U.P. operates in nine different countries and four continents. The trainers at U.P. are also behind the impressive physique that Glen Powell built for his starring role in the Hollywood blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick.

This will be U.P.’s third facility in the DC metropolitan area, with existing gyms already operating on M Street NW, Washington, and on Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda.

To book a consultation for personal training at U.P. DC Metro Center, visit our website.

If you want to join our elite team at U.P. DC Metro Center and build a real career with the world’s leading personal training company, you can apply here.

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