Real Food vs. Expensive Dietary Supplements

What am I showing you here?

It’s not a less than subtle brag about how much money I spend on food (I eat far less than I used to, but my little monsters are voracious carnivores; plus we have an enormous US style freezer) or a plea for you to eat more protein (the average person could certainly do with eating better quality protein, but you’re following me so you already know that right?).

I’m about to hit you up with info on the brand new UP nutritional supplements line, much of which contains some very interesting products that I’d like you to try out, and that’s the reason why I’ve just shared this screenshot of my quarterly wild meat order.

I’d far far far far far far far (get the point yet?) rather you spend your money on the best quality food than on expensive nutritional supplements. Good food (and, in my opinion, it rarely gets better than wild meat and game) is the cornerstone of health and wellness.

Supplements are at best just the icing on the cake. When you’re operating to a budget that means you have to choose one or the other, then there’s really no choice at all.

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