‘I’m becoming addicted to that great positive feeling’ – Kelly’s Fight to Fitness

I’m back!

I’ve had a week off work this week, which was just in time to get me over the two-week mark. From here, I’m good and on the straight and narrow.

So I used this opportunity to train every morning… and I’m back, back to feeling strong, energetic, awake, fricking alive!

Back to being full of beans and straight up out of bed at 5 am to head to the gym (We’ve got it down to one snooze, get in!).

Fighting Cravings

Week 2 is done, cravings are done (in as far as I don’t cry every day, I’m still human and want chocolate).

But believe it or not, the power that eating properly (clean) has on you is immense.

“Hello, my name is Kelly and I have now been clean for 2 weeks”.

I am over the tough bit, to the point where I don’t want to feel sluggish again, and I actually choose not to ‘carb fest’ on the sofa in the evening, rather than do it for the ‘greater good.’

My eyes are brighter; my skin is clearer, and I have that light bounce to my walk – you know the one when you’re all excited and walk with a wiggle and a bounce because you’re full of energy…that walk. Well, that is my current walk, I feel great again.

Watch out Wonder Woman!

Training with Weights

We have new torture equipment in the gym, in the form of ‘The Pendulum’ – it burns! You can’t even rest on it as you still have to hold your weight at an angle, this is where you make or break.

On my own, I would definitely break. In fact, on my own, I doubt I would even use this machine but having someone with you who shows you the correct form (again and again and again) and pushes an extra 3 or 4 reps out of you is showing a major difference in my results.

I love feeling the muscles in my legs and butt fire up on this machine!

It’s like they know what’s coming; my legs speak to each other “guys she needs us, that man is shouting at her again, engage, get ready, FIRE!” and BAM!

Ten reps and 4 sets later, my legs are saying something completely different by now, but I don’t care. I did it, and not too long ago I wouldn’t have even been able to survive a few reps.


Do calories count?

My trainer has spent the last few months drilling into me that total calories a day are what I’m aiming for, but it’s where I get those calories from that counts.

It makes a difference to the strength you physically have to train hard and also to get your brain in the best possible place too.

(#SteveSays – “No Kelly you can’t swap a large salmon fillet for a bag of minstrels…I don’t care if you checked and it’s the same calories, the answer is no”.)

Well, I now understand. Food is what I fuel my body with and what I decide to put in it determines what energy will come out.

The gym versus the woods?

If you’re like me and probably every other busy woman of today, we have the joys of being riddled with anxiety.

Yep, Freud definitely had something with that penis envy theory of his; no periods, less likely to suffer anxiety and no need to push children out of anywhere. Sign me up.

Well I don’t know all of the research (that’s why I have a “Steve” – I highly recommend having one), but I’m starting to realise the benefits to my mental health as well; a taboo subject sometimes but let’s just be honest, life is tough.

Even when everything is going great, and life is pretty awesome, we still like to beat ourselves up that we’re good enough for one thing or another…then BAM. The tiniest of things can push us over the edge and cue pyjamas, a bottle of wine and googling “how to become a spoon whittler in the woods” (don’t lie we’ve all thought it).

Well, I have found a better place to hide…swap the woods for the gym and spoon whittling for weight lifting. I leave every session in a better mood than when I came in and with a clearer head.

I’m becoming addicted to the great positive feeling and the more I train and the cleaner I eat, the longer the feeling lasts.

I’ve started to eat what my body needs rather than what my mind wants and my body and mind are reaping the benefits.

So it’s been a good week, lifting a personal best on the trap bar and conquering the pendulum. I just need to think of my gladiator name now for the next series (may as well dream big).

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