November 2011: One of UP’s best ever long term transformations!

Nick Mitchell and Ultimate Performance are industry renowned for the rapid results that we can generate for all types of clients.  In fact, one of our key internal drivers is “maximum results in minimum time” and we always aim to give our personal training clients a massive, and clear, return on their investment.  Sometimes however, “projects” can be a little long term and stretch into years rather than weeks or months.  Truly, a world class physique cannot be gained in just a few months, no matter how superlative the training and nutritional protocols.

We have just updated one such long term transformation of a young man whom Nick Mitchell has been advising for several years now.  You can see the accompanying picture in this brief news update, and you will be able to see a few more in his real results section.  We hope that you are as impressed as we are with his achievements!

And watch this space as a video and written interview will soon be up on the Nick Mitchell blog!