Are You Prepared To Die On A Treadmill?’

I am not one given to the idol worship of movie stars, but you can’t help but love Will Smith (go to 4.20 into the video for the best bit). Success leaves clues, and Will Smith has been consistently at the top of his game for nigh on 20 years now. And the secret to his success isn’t necessarily talent – his words not mine. Nope, the true secret is something that is available to us all and comes without prejudice or agenda. This secret has many names and descriptions ranging from:








But what I liked the most was Mr Smith’s own words when he said that he wasn’t afraid to die on a treadmill. “No one will EVER outwork me”. Imagine if we could all apply that philosophy to our lives. Our potential would be endless.

You can of course apply this lesson to personal training, but I prefer to see it as a guide for everything I strive to achieve in my life, be it building our business, bringing up my son, and just living my life. I will not let myself down by not being 100% committed in everything that I do, and will hustle and graft until the day the treadmill stops turning!