A U.P.’s Personal Trainer’s Advice for Six-Pack Abs

Abdominal and midsection personal training advice with top London personal trainer Nick Mitchell:

Q: I have a question about the best way to develop my abs and obliques – it’s kind of a new goal that by my 30th birthday in August I could get to the point where I can see them (even slightly – I’d settle for just sort of a flat midsection). How do I do this? Of course I would like a rippling six pack but don’t really know how ambitious I should be.

You should spend six weeks where for twice a week you focus on JUST your abs in one single workout. Once you have built up your other abdominals your training efforts (via core stabilization) will more than adequately maintain the muscle mass you have already developed. Think about all the overhead pressing, pulling and rowing you do during free weights training, they really work the abs from numerous angles.

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