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Why Cheating on Your Diet Can Help Your Fat Loss

Cheating on your fat loss diet isn't all bad, when correctly planned and implemented this can aid weight loss. Read more

The Facts Behind Carb Back-Loading

Carb Back-loading can be hugely beneficial for 'bulking' and putting on weight when done correctly, learn how with UP.

The Truth About Bodybuilding & Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting within the bodybuilding industry is a largely controversial matter, hear the facts from UP.

Diet vs. Exercise: The Truth About U.P.’s Body Transformations

Diet vs Exercise - which is the most important for achieving your desired transformation results? Read Nick's thoughts

Nick Mitchell: How to Avoid Binge Eating

Nick Mitchell gives one key tip to avoid binge eating - focus on your food! Follow the UP blog for fitness and diet tips

Calories Count: Why You Need to Be Counting Calories

Does calorie counting work and how strict should you count your calorie intake?

Nick Mitchell: Are Carbohydrates Your Enemy?!

Carbohydrates are given a bad rap by many but the truth is not all people need low carbs to lose weight effectively.

Nick Mitchell: Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Are BB meal plans needed for correct dieting? No! Nick discusses the importance of a diet plan or lack therereof

Saturated Fat: What It Is & Why It Can Be Good for You

Should you eat a low fat diet or should you make saturated fat a part of your daily diet? Nick Mitchell has the answer.

How to Choose the Right Diet for You

In this video UP Founder Nick Mitchell discusses how you should choose the right diet that suits your fitness goals.

Understanding Juice Fasts & Eating Disorders

After a recent horror story in the news, UP founder Nick Mitchell delves into the ugly truths about juice fasts.

The Critical Diet Mistake You’re Making

Personal Training expert Nick Mitchell discusses the most common dieting mistake that needs to stop!

Nick Mitchell: Juice Fasts Are Rubbish!

UP Founder Nick Mitchell discusses the use of juice fasting and how they are extremely unhealthy for your body.

Diet or Training: Which Is More Complicated? (Part 1)

UP Founder Nick Mitchell gives you the lowdown on why training is actually SO much more complicated than dieting!

The Vitamin D3 Test: Do You Need It?

Vitamin D3: everyone serious about losing weight/gaining muscle should take a test to see if they're receiving enough..

The Truth About Common Sense Nutrition and the Bro Diet

After receiving a tweet about 'bro foods' Nick Mitchell rants about common sense fundamental nutrition and dieting..

The Secrets of a Healthy Gut

Improving the health of your gut is hugely beneficial for not only overall health but improved fitness, read more..

The Psychology of Dieting

Dieting is both a mental and physical struggle, read this article that covers a lot of the psychology behind dieting..

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