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UP Food – The Ultimate Pre-Workout Bliss Balls

It’s no secret that the best feeling always comes after a workout; it’s a strong mixture of “nailed it” and “I’m so glad it’s over.” Let’s face it…not everyone will be excited at the thought of becoming covered in sweat, feeling ‘the burn’ and being launched out of our comfort zones and into a deep squat. […]

Nutrition: UP’s Top 10 Super Foods

You can train as hard as you like but if you’re not going to pay attention to the food you’re eating, it’s the same as taking 2 steps forward and one step back. Only focusing on that one hour of training you do in the gym and ignoring your body for the other 23, is […]

Drink Coffee Before Training not After

Why? There are numerous studies demonstrating that coffee is a potent ergogenic. It can increase fat burning during training, heighten motivation, and improve work capacity. However, if you drink it post-workout, you will delay recovery and elevate the stress hormone cortisol just when you need to clear it. Exercising naturally elevates cortisol. If you are […]

Top 5 Fitness & Nutrition Myths: EXPLAINED

Fitness and nutrition myths are an absolute nightmare and tend to be a common reason for people simply ‘giving up’ on living a healthy lifestyle. The confusion that all the so called fitness ‘experts’ have caused has given plenty of headaches, debates and issues to resolve and although that will never stop, there is hope in that there are […]

4 Simple Ways To Get Carbs On Your Side

So you think carbs are bad for you? We’re not surprised. Over the last few years carbs have been given a bad reputation, especially those that are high in sugar which in turn has given ‘fats’ the front runner in our nutrition plans. Fats are a great source of energy but I can assure you […]

Nutritional Myths and Legends

Is it true that carbohydrates will make me fat or is it a nutritional myth? Yes and no. Well, you didn’t expect a straight answer did you?! All carbohydrates are not created equal (it is a nutritional myth to think otherwise) and if you overdo the bad ones (the simple sugary carbohydrates found in sweets […]

Eat Like An Eskimo!

This is the first part of a though provoking piece on the benefits of a lower carbohydrate (Eskimo) diet. In a number of different forms we often espouse this general type of nutrition to our personal training clients. Yes, we always bring individual twists to nutritional protocols because we are all have slightly different biochemistries […]

Tasty, Diet-Friendly Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

A tasty take-away treat, low-carb and high protein tikka masala is a taste sensation.

Transformation Tips: How to Stick to Your Diet

Ultimate Performance clients share their best tips to help stick to your diet on a body transformation

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