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Muscle-Building Myth: You Should Train a Muscle Once a Week

Nick Mitchell, founder of UP Personal Training, discusses the optimal frequency of training for bodybuilding.

The Ultimate Trick For Muscle Building by Nick Mitchell

UP Founder Nick Mitchell discusses his no.1 priority when someone first comes to him and wants to build muscle.

Nick Mitchell: Should You Follow a Professional Bodybuilder’s Workout?

Should you follow a bodybuildings training workout? Hear Nick Mitchell's experienced views on this subject.

How Important Is Range of Motion for Muscle Building?

Is range of motion important for muscle building? If so, how important? Nick Mitchell discusses this topic in detail.

Nick Mitchell’s Giant Set for Fat Loss & Muscle Building

Nick runs you through a giant set routine thats great for both fat loss and muscle building training

5 Bodybuilding Lessons to Learn from Gymnasts

Gymnasts possess some of the most impressive and powerful physiques on the planet. Every four years as the Olympics roll by, anyone with an interest in body composition simply marvels at the excellence displayed on their TV screens. Huge, muscular arms. Wide, capped deltoids. Barn-door backs. Gymnasts possess them all and more. Back in the […]

A Twist On Chest & Arms Training – Nick Mitchell

As any long time reader of this page knows I do like to experiment with different workouts from time to time. What sounds good on paper very often doesn’t quite translate to the gym, and vice versa. The chest and arms workout detailed below ended up working quite well given the circumstances. This phrase “given […]


Training Muscle Groups Series  – TRICEPS   ANATOMY  The Triceps muscle are made up of three different heads; Long Head, Medial Head and Lateral Head, all of which are responsible for extension of the elbow, and in the case of the Long Head, is also involved as a shoulder extensor due to its biarticular nature. […]

Carb Cycling for hypertrophy – Part 2

Carb cycling for hypertrophy is slightly different. With fat loss the main goal behind cycling carbs is to prevent the thyroid from slowing down by implementing carb re-feed’s at specific times. For hypertrophy our goal is to utilize the anabolic properties of insulin. Insulin is one of the most important anabolic hormones in the body. […]

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