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How to Use Tempo in Your Workout for Maximum Gains

If you want maximum muscle gain results, then you should be using tempo effectively on every single lift in the gym

100 Greatest Muscle Building Tips

If you want to build muscle then follow these 100 tips from world-class personal training business Ultimate Performance

How to Increase Your Muscle Gains by 30%

What if told you there was a simple secret to better and faster gains on your body transformation journey?

Hypertrophy Training: Charles Poliquin Seminar Notes

Nick Mitchell wrote down some useful notes from the Charles Poliquin Training for Hypertrophy Seminar Part 1.

How to Force Your Legs to Grow

From giant sets to high-intensity techniques, there are countless ways we can shock the legs into hypertrophy.

How to Make Your Stubborn Calves Grow

Want to get bigger calf muscles? UP personal trainer Barry shows the techniques you need to make them grow

How to Build the Ultimate Back

A bigger back always adds to the physique. Here's how to develop impressive width and density in yours...

How to Build Huge Shoulders Like U.P. Trainer Nick

Not genetically-blessed with long, wide clavicles? You have to be smart training shoulders. Nick Daniel explains how

Trainer Tip: You Need to Flex Your Muscle Against the Weights!

Looking to achieve maximum muscle gain in your arms? Try flexing your muscles against the weights, read on to learn more

A Guide to Giant Sets Training

Want to train hard on your back and achieve major results? Find out how you can do that with my tips

100 Muscle Building Tips

Looking to build muscle? Follow our 100 bodybuilding tips that if implemented correct will help you gain muscle mass.

How to Extend the Set for Greater Muscle Gains

Want to achieve maximum muscle gains? Follow our advanced techniques in order to achieve this

Muscle & Body Building in 12 Weeks

Find out about UP Fitness services and how you can build muscle in just 12 weeks

How to Design a Muscle-Building Plan for Beginners

How to create a strength and muscle building programme for beginner lifters

A Guide to Body Part Split Routines

Learn about our different workout routines for various body parts

Building Bigger Biceps

Gain an insight into how you can build bigger biceps with the help of our professionals

Personal Trainer Q&A Body Opus And Muscle Growth

Our Personal trainers give their expert advice and answer your questions on body opus and muscle growth

Intramuscular Tension Secret bodybuilding Physique

Learn a few tips from Nick's book about intramuscular tension and how to achieve the ultimate bodybuilding physique

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