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22LBS In 11 Weeks: Ultimate Bodybuilding Muscle Plan

Gain an insight into how you can gain 22LBS in just 11 weeks with our ultimate bodybuilding muscle plan

All-in-One Guide to German Volume Training (GVT)

Do you train with German Volume Training? If so read these 5 tips to maximise the effectiveness of your training.

An Unusual Leg Workout

Here's an unusual leg workout to incorporate in to your training, by UP founder himself, Nick Mitchell.

Nick Mitchell: My Shoulder Training Program Secrets

If you're looking to build muscle on your shoulders you need to incorporate these exercises in to your workout routines

Low Volume Training: Getting The Most Out Of Every Set

Low volume training is needed after certain intense high volume training regimes, here's Nick's advice.

Advanced Weight Training: Twice a Day Chest & Arms Workout

Nick discusses a new weight training technique he has been trying out, try it yourself and leave your thoughts below.

A Guide to Chest & Arms Hypertrophy Workout

Try this intense chest and arms workout by UP founder Nick Mitchell, great for achieving muscle hypertrophy.

A Guide to Posterior Chain Workout

Follow this intense posterior chain workout for leg hypertrophy, created by UP Founder Nick Mitchell.

Bodybuilding Leg Training

Follow this insane leg session by Nick Mitchell if you're looking to increase mass on your lower body!

Advanced Bodybuilding Workout: Chest & Arms

Looking for an intense bodybuilding workout to increase chest and arms? Follow this workout and leave your thoughts.

German Volume Training (GVT): Nuts & Bolts

A follow up video on German Volume Training(GVT) discussing the basics and how best to implement this into training.

German Volume Training: How to Make It Better

Nick Mitchell discusses how to make German Volume Training (GVT) more effective and improve your training.

How Important Is Weight Training for Building Muscle?

UP Founder Nick Mitchell discusses how important the weight that you lift is for hypertrophy / bodybuilding.

Best Rep Ranges for Building Muscle

In this video Nick Mitchell discusses repetition ranges for muscle building and strength training.

Nick Mitchell’s Monster Bodybuilding Shoulders Workout

Follow Nick through a gruesome tri-set shoulder workout. Try this for yourself and leave your comments below!

How to Do High Intensity Bodybuilding Training the Right Way

Nick Mitchell discusses how to achieve the right mindset for great high intensity bodybuilding workouts.

How to Lift Weights for Muscle Growth

Lifting weights for muscular growth isn't as easy as going from A to B, Nick Mitchell gives key tips to aid your growth

Q&A: How to Get Bigger & Leaner at the Same Time

Ultimate Performance Founder Nick Mitchell discusses what it takes to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

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