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Building Bigger Biceps

“Nick, If I did 100 bicep curls on each arm every day, would I have massive biceps in about a month?”

Don’t be a silly billy. You would over train your arms and end up looking even more like a torso with twigs attached.

Your body will always fight to stay in balance and it takes an extra 10-15lbs of overall lean bodyweight to add an inch to the circumference of your arms. So the trick to adding size to your arms and building bigger biceps is to work your whole body with a balanced bodybuillding program.

You should also remember that building big arms isn’t just about building big biceps. The tricep muscle at the back of the arm actually constitutes over two thirds of the typical arm circumference. My own arms measure just under 20 inches when I am lean and in good shape, and anyone who knows me will testify that the majority of my arm size comes from the size of my triceps rather than having really huge peaked biceps.

If you want a killer arm workout try this example of a mechanical damage hypertrophy workout that has worked wonders with some of my bodybuilding personal training clients and curse me when you feel the next day’s soreness:

A1 and A2, B1 and B2 should be grouped together and have no rest between sets. Pick a weight that allows you to hit the target reps only if you rip your spleen with the level of effort and intensity.

A1: Dips – 5 sets / 8 reps
A2: Standing Overhead Cable Extensions – 5 sets / 12 reps – emphasis full range and feel the biceps stretch at the bottom of the movement

B1: Reverse Grip EZ Curls – 5 sets / 8 reps, pause for 1 second midway through the lowering of the movement
B2: Incline Curls – 5 sets / 12 reps, emphasise full range and feel the biceps stretch at the bottom of the movement

If you work with a good personal trainer he / she should get you on this arm workout pronto and watch your arms grow like never before!

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