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ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE? – Compliance & Transformations

Readiness to change, compliance and transformations. These all go hand in hand and in order to attain the result you want you need to tick all the boxes!

Readiness to change comes at varying degrees, some will want and need to lose significant bodyweight/fat mass and increase lean body mass whereas others may need to make small changes to attain the physique they are after. Regardless, there MUST be willingness and motivation to do so in order for this to occur.

You simply have to be ready to change and work to your full potential to improve the way you look, feel and perform. Some people arrive at a personal trainer deeply entrenched in their behaviours and unwilling to modify them.

Setting sensible goals with realistic time frames, with dieting habits that provide longevity as well as results, is where a large chunk of compliance comes from. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and nor are your habits, mindset and physique.

Whichever diet ‘system’ helps you comply to your diet is the best one that for you and will be most effective. There is merit to many systems but ultimately creating a diet that encourages healthy food choices 90% of the time, supports health with supplementation, and allows you to eat the amount of food required for your specific goals will always be the best, whatever it might be labelled.

Then the transformation itself…

PATIENCE, is of paramount importance. Your level of compliance, motivation and work ethic in the gym will determine the type of transformation you will attain.

The amount of work you have to do from your own individual start point will give you an idea of the type of timeline you will be working with. To reiterate my earlier point, don’t expect drastic changes in a week or two, rather welcome the steady progress that time and consistency yield.

UP London Mayfair Personal Trainer, Benjamin Mulamehić

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