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Fitness Motivation: 5 Reasons to Get Your Ass to the Gym

Working out, doing weights, going for a run or whatever other kind of fitness exercise that tickles your fancy is commonly mistaken to be good for just the one reason…looking good. Getting rid of that big behind, bingo wings or maybe even a double chin may be the motivation behind your sudden desire to go the gym but this is where you can go wrong – of course, you need a goal and something to motivate you to really get into a fitness routine but you need to know the many other benefits you will gain from changing your lifestyle through exercise.

Don’t get me wrong, none of the benefits will happen straight away but bit by bit, sometimes without even realising, you’ll feel a difference…a change. There’s plenty of science behind the benefits of getting a good sweat on but I’m going to give you just 5 reasons that will not only get you into the gym but will make sure you keep going back.

Emotional Boost

Anxiety, depression, stress or even just feeling down in the dumps is something a huge amount of people suffer with and for a lot of those people, it’s not going anywhere. I cannot tell you how much of a saviour exercise has been for the whole of my life…it’s a flippin’ godsend and after going through stages where I haven’t been in a regular routine of working out, I can promise you the difference is unreal.

Giving yourself the chance to relieve stress, take your mind off worries and even being in a ‘community’ like place can help, just by getting out of your usual environment that may not be as good for you. Give your mind a rest, take it out of your body and feel AWESOME for once.


How do you feel about yourself right now? Can you honestly say you’re happy with who you are? This doesn’t have to be how you physically look, in fact, most of the time it’s a mental thing where you simply don’t feel that great. Making a change by putting a fitness routine into your life will give you the chance to set goals, work hard and smash the socks off them; something to be proud of and feel bloody good about.

It doesn’t have to be completing a marathon or sailing the seven seas…hey how about not throwing up in your session for the first time? A little gross but coming from my own experience, it’s actually something you end up being weirdly proud of and that feeling of pride, well that’s good for everyone.


Do you constantly have the sniffles, indigestion problems or how is your skin looking? A common problem with having an unhealthy lifestyle is the endless amount of issues you and your body have – the likelihood is you’re probably not a hypochondriac, you’re just unhealthy.

Of course, I’m not saying that exercise is the cure to all of your current illnesses but there are so many people out there who never feel ‘healthy’ and working out could be their answer. Try starting off your morning, using your lunch break or finishing your working day with a workout and let me know how you’re feeling after.


I’d like to think most of you have a job right? Let’s have a think about what your day at work may look like. You force yourself to get out of bed, you get dressed, you show up, you have a coffee to try and lift your mood, that doesn’t work, you have another one…and so on.

Exercising and eating the right stuff will set you up for a whole day of feeling focused and energised, rather than the potential crash and burn you will constantly feel after drinking a strong coffee, energy drink or whatever else you feel will help you along the way. There’s a healthy answer to your prayers and I can tell you it won’t be any of those things, get your ass and brain into gear on a full-time basis by keeping you and your body healthy.

Improves Quality of Life

If you can relate to just one of the above, the chances are you’re not the happiest of chappies – for a lot of people feeling emotional, stressed, unhealthy and having no confidence are all things that tend to come as a package and it really does suck. Sure, there are plenty of reasons (excuses) for you to avoid entering a gym, fitness class or sport but I’m pretty certain improving your way of LIFE trumps all of those reasons.

Feel good, feel fresh, feel healthy and feel YOU. I will tell you now, no matter who you are, getting into shape the right way will never be easy but it sure as hell feels good at the end.

Are you fed up of not seeing results in the gym? Get in touch today.

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