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If you are looking to start on a fat loss programme I would strongly recommend that you use

a few key supplements to improve your digestion alongside your nutrition plan. A good digestive system will allow better absorption of nutrients and allow everything to get moving
a little faster though to your stomach, intestines and bowels.

However with so many supplements and brands to choose from it can sometimes be frustrating to get the right ones. Therefore I have put together a list of the key supplements that I start my clients on when they first begin their fat loss programme.

One of the first go to supplements that I give to my client is…


A good probiotic packed with healthy bacteria will allow the gut to function well. A gut that is
functioning optimally will allow digestion to move fast freeing up any constipation that the you

I then give them the next most important supplement…


A fibre supplement can be used when you are on a strict low carb phase. Naturally carbs
hold a high amount of fibre, however, if you are on a low carb/ high-fat diet I would recommend using a fibre supplement daily.

Another key supplement is…


As we focus on getting leaner through proper nutrition, we will need a good digestive enzyme to help break down protein, fats and carbs that we eat daily. This will allow nutrients to be quickly broken down and absorbed and onto the working muscles.

we then move onto…

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L-Glutamine is an amino acid that has been shown to help speed up fat loss as it has an
important role along the GI tract. Therefore, providing fuel for our digestive cells and it has shown to be effective healing tool for a damaged digestive tract.


Another great supplement that you can use to help aid digestion is liquorice root. This supplement has been shown to soothe and heal a poor and inflamed digestive system and deal with any abnormalities that may have occurred with the intestines.

There you have my 5 top supplements that will hep you improve your digestive system and help you get great fat loss results.

UP Hong Kong Personal Trainer, Adam Milner

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