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My Fitness Journey: Week 5 – The Transformation Test

I started this 12 week transformation excited, raring to go and fed up with my laziness when it came to food and training. I would post several pictures on Instagram of my colourful, healthy looking meals and be proud of myself for being such a model client – 5 weeks in and the honeymoon period is officially over. I’m bored of eating the same food, resenting saying no to any social event that includes food and miserable at the thought of just how many days I have left of this journey.

Yes, I know I’m a bag of joy and rainbows but I said I would be honest about this journey and here’s me, being brutally frank. The reason I’m not going to pretend to be the most enthusiastic person on the planet is because these are the kind of emotions you will most likely experience when going through such an intense lifestyle change. It’s not going to be hunky dory all of a sudden but for real results, you need to expect challenges and dealing with your emotions is one of them.

Day 32 – Cry for Help

As you can probably tell by my intro to this blog post, I’m currently lacking in motivation. Training is going well, I’m eating the food I need to eat and I am seeing a lot of results but I seem to have lost sight of why it is I’m doing this. The problem with taking matters into your own hands by signing up to a commercial gym and forcing yourself through the doors, is that the only support you have; is you.

Now this of course is great when you’re full of energy and you’re a keen bean, but what happens when you’ve had a tough day, or you feel like you’re not actually seeing any results?

“Most people would give up at this point, cancel their gym membership and begin that cycle of frustration, myself included; this is when having a PT is an absolute blessing.”

For me, having someone who is accountable for my results, knowing they are putting in just as much effort to get me to where I want, almost makes me feel guilty for being such a whinge bag. The trainers know what I need before I do, they know when I’m ready to give in and over the course of an hour, they’ll get more out of me than I could in a week. We call it, #TeamSam (although it could just be me that calls it that). So getting a good old kick up the arse to remind me just how far I’ve gotten and everything I can achieve, soon snapped me out of it.

Day 33 – A Real Leg Day

After feeling a little sorry for myself and having a good old moan, I was soon back in the training game and ready to get going again. I’ve been following a personal training plan, specifically designed by my trainer to suit my goals, my level of training and my body type and this week is the beginning of a new phase; ‘phase 3’.

Phase 3 has been created to focus on the specific body parts that now need the help, god knows what I would have been doing if I was doing this by myself – although the likelihood is I wouldn’t have known what to do and would probably be back on the sofa with a Chinese takeaway.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say how easy it is to get frustrated at how hard you’ve been working and don’t see a huge amount of progress but the great thing is, I don’t have to worry about that.

“Having a PT changes the way you train by being smarter, planned and more focused.”

I do however have to worry about the leg session that hit me on day 33; let’s just say it was brutal. I’ve done all of these exercises before, I’ve done the same number of sets before but when you have a trainer who knows exactly when your body is going to give up and exactly how far they can push you, the difference in how you feel is on another level entirely.

Day 35 – Discipline

You’d think that coming from a background of gymnastics, training 4-5 times a week, 4 hours at a time, would make it easier for me to really stick to something as intense as this. I think the problem with getting older, is there are so many more excuses you can use. You have more problems, more emotions and not to mention the fact that you’re an adult now and you’re in charge of your own doings, which includes whether or not you to decide to go to the gym.

‘Had I have sat down and told myself, “you’re going to do 12 weeks of intense training and dieting and you’re not going to stray from it”, I’d most likely laugh at the idea.’

But now I’m committed, I’ve signed on the dotted line and I have the time of a personal trainer that I could potentially waste by not sticking to it…I have a goal and I’m sticking right to it. It’s what motivates me to say no because of the guilt I would feel after telling them I slipped up – my trainers would not be chuffed and if I’m honest, neither would I.

It’s one to think about.

Whilst I’m writing this, I’ve just had a text from Dominoes offering their 2for1 deal – I THINK THEY KNOW!

Until next time.


Content and Email Manager at Ultimate Performance

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