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Fitness Tips – 5 Things to Love About Weight Training

Those dreaded weights, the embarrassment of picking up a weight that’s far too heavy and the beefed up body builders waiting for you to get off the machine are all reasons to put you off from weight training – and rightly so too. I get it and I’ve been there myself, I had no clue what to do when it came to weight training so what did I do? I avoided it like the plague.

It doesn’t however, HAVE to be that way.

Your body will LOVE weight training and you will too once you know the real benefits from picking up, pulling and holding on to the heavy stuff…so here’s 5 of those benefits to get you started.

Asses and Abs

How long have you been trying to run yourself into submission to get that perky behind you’ve always wanted? How many hours have you spent doing sit-ups in the hope of turning those muffin tops into streamlined abs?

Too many.

Training with resistance is the quickest and most effective way to lose that unwanted fat and build yourself the body you desire…hence the term ‘body building’.

Too often we assume that weight training means picking up a giant bar and screaming your head off until you burst a blood vessel, but how about holding on to some weights whilst you’re lunging? Or squatting with something heavy in your hands?

There’s plenty more to it but what you should know is it’s a much better way to spend your time in the gym if you’re end goal is to be proud of your body.


Feeling awesome – that’s what we want isn’t it?

There’s a reason why Beyonce can ‘work it’ the way she does or why Scarlett Johansson can kick everyone’s ass without breaking a sweat and that reason, is empowerment.

You start with the small weights and yes, you may feel like you should be doing more but that’s exactly it. You’ll start wanting more, pushing more and lifting more and when you add up those numbers and notice them getting bigger and bigger, you’ll be high-fiving anyone and everyone who will give it to you…you’ll feel EPIC.

Anything new can be a little scary, a little intimidating but give it a go and you’ll soon find yourself kicking ass.


Tracking your progression is super easy when training with weights and knowing you’re improving is a huge motivator that will be the reason you keep pushing on.

Unless you really do love being on a treadmill until you can no longer feel your feet, it’s not the best way to be spending your time. You also have to ask yourself, do you feel any different? How long have you been sweating like a pig in that same spot for?

Feeling stronger, numbers growing, bigger weights, muscles you didn’t even know you had appearing and unwanted curves disappearing…that’s what you want to see.

Progression = a happier and fitter you…trust me.

Raises Metabolic Rate

What better reason to want to lift weights than raising your metabolism? Sound fun?

Okay, how about being able to eat more? Now I’ve got your attention.

Weight training will rev up your body’s function to burn fat quicker which comes incredibly handy when you’re trying to look and feel healthier. Fancy that?


No seriously.

Bearing all of the above in mind, all of those benefits will make you feel and look good which in turn will put a rate good smile on your face. There’s a common misconception that weight training is boring but how many of you that say that have actually given it a real chance?

Training with weights gives you an endless amount of machines, exercises and areas of the body to work on so as long as you know where to start and what to do, there’s all sorts you can be doing and enjoy doing too.

Once you’ve got the hang of of it all, you’ll start to see results and THAT is fun. That’s the exciting stuff that we’re all chasing after…the part where you leave the gym and think ‘I flippin’ did it!’

So there we are…now aren’t you just a tiny bit curious to give it a go?

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