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3 Ways with Chocotrients: Chocolate Ice Cream

Nutritious Chocolate Ice-Cream

Summer is a difficult time to get on board with healthy eating and working out; when the Sun shines it’s automatically an invitation for an ice-cold treat. Sadly, most options are packed full of artificial nasty’s and sugars that don’t bode well when trying to attain real results. Thankfully, you’re just two ingredients and an hour away from making your very own delicious and healthy ice cold scoop that counts as one of your 5-a-day!

FIT TIP: Working hard is an ethic that UP reinforces loud and clear, so by adding a serving of our Chocotrients, you can make this ice-cream work even harder than just to cool you down. Crammed full of fruits and vegetables, this superfood formula is gluten free and bursting with anti-oxidants, did somebody say Ice-Clean?


2 Ripe Bananas

1 TBSP Cacao Powder or 1 Serving of Chocotrients


1. Chop the Banana into circles and place into the freezer for an hour or until solid.

2.Transfer the frozen chunks into a blender, along with the chocolate powder and blitz until creamy.

3.Serve immediately, either on it’s own, with fruit or a sprinkle of nuts. Or simply pop it into a tub and return to the freezer for another time!

Images and recipe courtesy of Hollie Robinson, Lipstick and Lunges.

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