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The Secrets of a Healthy Gut

How to Improve your Gut Health and Immune System by Anthony Castore

The health of your gut and proper digestion are intrinsically linked to your overall health and the proper function of your immune system. It has actually been estimated that the gut is responsible for over 80% of your immune system response and a gut health check should always be the first thing checked whenever an ongoing illness or a negative health condition hits.

Over on our personal training website we are lucky enough to have published a new article focusing on “gut health and the immune system” by Ohio based personal trainer Anthony Castore. Anthony is as smart as he is strong and powerful in the gym (in other words, very) and meticulous in his attention to precise detail. He has studied nutrition, fat loss personal training, and of course gut health, with some of the leading brains in the business such as Charles Poliquin and Dr Eric Serrano and it shows in the protocols and explanations given in his new article.

I won’t spoil your fun by rehashing Anthony’s words here, but my take home points on enhancing gut health for the immune system are:

1. Focus on establishing and maintaining healthy bacteria via a pro-biotic (I like the pro-biotic product put out by Welsh nutritional supplement company Aliment) and a pre-biotic (most easily found in a good fiber supplement such as Poliquin Fibre Supplements).

2. Establish your stomach HCL acid levels and where necessary add a product such as our UP HCL to your list of essential supplements. In fact, I have a piece on this in May’s Men’s Health magazine.

Gut health is absolutely essential to the support of a healthy immune system and let’s not forget just how critical that is to both living longer and living beautifully! You can train like a Mr. Universe bodybuilder and diet for fat loss until the cows come home but you will never make any real progress until you are healthy and functioning properly.

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