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Three Weeks to a Photo Shoot: Time to Get in Shape!

Sometimes life catches up with us and we let things slip a bit.

For me the stress of big city living, running a very active business, helping to raise a young baby, and having the joys of on-off tonsillitis has meant that although my own training hasn’t gone on the back burner (that would never happen as it is an instrumental part of the way that I road test new techniques and protocols for our personal training clients), my dietary self-discipline has lapsed one too many times and now I find myself less than three weeks away from a photo shoot and nowhere near in the condition that I would normally find myself. I need to see some fat loss results in double quick time!

In a way this has been a good experience, I am certainly not one these automatons who only ever eats super clean food. In fact, I am a regular guy who loves nothing more than waking up on a Sunday morning to coffee with Baileys, and maple bacon sandwiches on thick buttered white bread!

Not that I allow myself these things all that often, but the urge is there and unless you are on a strict fat loss program there is nothing wrong with eating a bit of what you fancy every few days. However, of late it would seem that fatigue induced by illness and over work has allowed my sweet tooth to run a tad too rampant. The six-pack has blurred into something as ominous as a mere two-pack!

So long story short, I find myself less than three weeks away from a photo shoot and with a long way to go in a very short space of time. How I progress will be a lesson to us all as by writing this so publicly to thousands of you in this blog I have decided to place myself under a fair amount of pressure to deliver some startling fat loss results.

I have always believed that pressure is the key to success in any walk of life and now as a so-called top personal trainer I will have the opportunity to very visibly put this to the test. To this end, the photograph in this entry was taken last night, and I will post a follow up (with photographic fat loss results of course!) once photo shoot day rolls around.

I would say wish me luck but the truth is that luck has nothing to do with getting lean and in losing body fat, it is all down to planning, perseverance, hard work, and educated effort.

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