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101 Fat Loss Tips: 13) Spice Up Your Meals

Tips to lose fat and get lean: Use Spices and Avoid Sauces

The food that you eat on a fat loss programme doesnt have to be totally plain and bland. Eating the same tasteless food day after day is one of the most common cardinal errors to make when following a diet as at some stage your mind and your taste buds start to rebel, making that all too dangerous blow out an increasingly likely possibility.

Nutritious, healthy meals can be spiced up (literally!) by adding spices ranging from the rather obvious (salt and pepper) to the more personal (chilli, curry, Cajun etc). Be wary of those spices with tonnes of added sugar, but even then the odd bit won’t kill you if it is added to overall healthy fare such as organic chicken breasts or lean cuts of steak. Spices such as chillies have also been scientifically proven to raise the metabolism and boost the fat burning process!

The one thing however that I ask all of our personal training clients to avoid is adding sauces to your food. Whereas curry powder sprinkled across your chicken breasts is acceptable, lavishing them with the love of curry sauce is most definitely not! Very rarely does a sauce not contain something creamy or buttery and as such these are definite negatives on the road to fat loss success.

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