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101 Fat Loss Tips: 12) Take Responsibility

Tips to lose fat and get lean: Take Responsibility

Excuses, excuses, excuses. These are the real culprits of 99.9% of all failed fat loss programmes. Getting big and muscular is very often a complicated process requiring a tonne of forethought and planning. Getting super lean is nowhere near as intellectually challenging, but boy does it require discipline and perseverance.

Only those who have the maturity and desire to take full responsibility for their exercise and nutritional choices have what it takes to achieve the ultimate ripped look. Long term fat loss, and superlative condition do not come easy – ask our personal training clients who bust their spleens week in week out in the gym in order to look as good as they do. Take a hard look at yourself, do you have the responsibility to act out your desires and reach your best ever condition?

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