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The Quality All Successful Clients Have

Successful personal training clients all share one commonality – What is it?

Its not great genetics for fat loss or muscle building. Its certainly not starting fitness levels. And if it were nutritional savvy then I don’t think I would have ever had a solitary personal training success. In fact, given the paucity of nutritional know how here in London I sincerely doubt that any trainer would have ever had personal training client achieve their goals.

The one thing that all my best personal training clients have is desire and discipline. Without it no amount of coaching, hand holding, and expensive personal training can give someone the stellar results they expect when they walk through my gym door. Why do they have stellar expectations? Thats simple, because my best personal training clients achieve truly stellar results that in many cases change their lives, and in all cases radically alter they way that they perceive themselves.

I’d like, nope I’d love, to claim all the credit, but I can’t. It comes from within. Take my personal training client Dan Suleiman, he came to me with fire in his belly but confusion in his mind as to how to achieve his goal of getting leaner and looking and feeling better about himself. I have just this minute ran the numbers on him after 6 weeks working with me and he has gained 10lbs of muscle whilst simultaneously dropping 14lbs of blubber! That equates to a positive body fat % change of over 7% (from over 23% to 16%) all in just a month and a half. Thats a great achievement for us as a team, but also for him as an individual. My hard work was in the planning, and yes as I am sure he would admit, the constant barking and hectoring in the gym, but that supervision was for only 3 hours per week and its entirely his own achievement that he went from being tubby to being on the cusp of a six pack in such a short space of time. So well done Dan and enjoy that holiday mate, you have definitely deserved it!

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