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Small Steps to Take Towards Fat Loss & Exercise Success

I was reminded by a personal training client today that success in the gym, or with any fat loss or bodybuilding regime for that matter, is a matter of small incremental steps forward. Of course I already know this – no one who has built a physique of their own can help but know this, its an often painful lesson in discipline and perseverance – but sometimes in my haste to get results for the clients who come to me as one of London’s so-called top personal trainers (I like the pressure and no one who has ever met me would think I like to hide my light under a bushel(!) but nor am I a magician.. OK, maybe I can claim to be a “demi-magician”;) ) I find myself being even more impatient than my clients. And as anyone of you who is in a client facing business knows, ALL clients want everything done by yesterday!

Today, one of my less naturally athletic clients did 25 consecutive free standing squats. Now in the grand scheme of things that is no big deal at all and no personal trainer worth their salt should brag about it. Yet 6 short sessions ago this client was unable to do more than 2 or 3 squats without collapsing in a catatonic heap! Step by step we will get her to whatever level she wants to get to. And it all starts with that first step…

If you are stalled in your own fitness / weight loss regime and don’t know where to start then it really is very simple. All you need to do (apart from contacting your favourite personal trainer!!) is GET STARTED AND MAKE THAT FIRST STEP!

Good luck and get going!

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