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Taking the Stabilisers Off

Yesterday my little girl Mia rode her bike “properly” for the first time.

Some aspects of physical coordination don’t come as easily for her as they did for my son, who is half Barbary ape if his climbing is to be believed, so this was a big deal in her life.

At this time of year, many of you will be at that stage of taking off your exercise stabilisers and thinking nervously about joining a gym.

Will you look like a fool? Will you feel like a fish out of water? Will you turn into a man? Will you be surrounded by incredibly taut bodies or intimidated by hordes of meatheads? All of these worries are understandable, but unfounded.


These days you have countless exercise options:

If you want to body build then find a hardcore gym that suits you best

If you want to give more structure to a haphazard exercise routine, but also want a social aspect that involves meeting people and having a laugh, then find a community focused health club

If you want to be anonymous and have no one look at you and exercise in a well-equipped bubble then join a high-end commercial gym.

If you want to make the tiniest of financial commitments, then join one of the plethora of budget gyms.

If you want results that save you a lot of time and frustration, but come with a price in your wallet, seek out the best personal trainers you can find.

There are so many options, compared to 30 years ago when I first went to a gym, that there simply are no more excuses.

Just like Mia we have all got to start somewhere. As parents, we encouraged her to get on her bike and learn how to ride.

You’re a grown up now, you don’t need stabilisers, you just need to pick the right bike for you and start pedalling.

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