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How Lawyer Kate Got Rid of Her ‘Ballooning’ Body

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

London lawyer Kate achieved a truly exceptional body transformation by doing just that. 

She had always struggled with her weight, despite enjoying activities like running and surfing, but she says poor diet and a hectic work schedule saw her bodyweight balloon during her thirties.

But she decided to finally make a real change when she signed up to work with Ultimate Performance’s world-class personal trainers.

Every single session her trainer challenged Kate to push that bit harder, run that bit faster and squeeze out that extra rep and exceed what she thought she was capable of. 

Her incredible ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos tell you all you need to know about the hard work and determination Kate showed to achieve her goal and transform her body.

Kate lost an impressive 23kg in just 24 weeks with UP, dropping from 90kg bodyweight to a slender 67kg. 

But her transformation was so much more than about weight loss – it’s given her serious strength in the gym, more focus in the office and better health thanks to improved nutrition and sleep.

She explained how working with UP has changed her life for the better…

lawyer loses 23kg in 24 weeks - UP
23kg lost in a 24 week transformation

Why did you come to UP?

When I started training with Matt at UP Fitness, my main motivation was weight loss. Growing up, I’d always been a person who struggled with weight but still enjoyed sports like surfing, running and swimming.

In my late 30s, a combination of long hours at work, poor diet, and lack of energy and motivation to get back into the gym meant that my weight ballooned out to the largest I’d ever been, and getting out for a surf or a run was overwhelming.

It was definitely time to get serious and my trainer was the perfect person to team up with and get the job done. My trainer’s constant mantra to me over the past eight or nine months has been “the ones that challenge you, change you”.



Just when you think you can’t go any further, he will confidently say “accelerate again!” or “come on squeeze!” and you find yourself surpassing your own expectations.

He has a positive and supportive approach and a never-say-die attitude which has enabled me to push past limits I didn’t think I’d ever get near. Having my trainer in my corner to keep me focused and motivated has been invaluable.  

What have you learned? 

Apart from being an excellent coach and mentor, I’ve learnt loads from my trainer about nutrition, musculature, the circulatory system and how to keep your body maintained and in balance.

Kate showing its mind over matter in the gym

There have also been major benefits apart from weight loss – I have a wider range of movement in my shoulders and hips, can deadlift a 90kg load where I struggled to lift the bar by itself at the beginning, I am more focused at work, and I’m sleeping loads better than I have in years. 

I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve achieved by working with my trainer. If you get the chance to train with him, take it.

Do you feel inspired by Kate’s story? Get in touch today on the form below…

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