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Sam’s Journey – Week 9: Under Pressure

Week 9?! Well that came around quick. Now I have just 3 weeks to achieve my goal of being fit enough to be considered for the next Marvel heroine. On a serious note, having a goal is always important and one of the best things about this 12 week transformation is the timeframe you are set and that once you’ve started it…that’s it, there’s no going back and quitting definitely isn’t an option. Having a personal trainer gives you that added pressure, because over the weeks I’ve realised they’re just as passionate about my results as I am, if not more – and there’s no way I want to be letting the big guys down, let alone myself.

I can honestly say it feels like a lifetime right now but just 12 weeks of your whole life in exchange for a healthier you…I’d say it’s worth it.

Day 58 – Much Needed Support

Ultimate Performance - SupportI am one of those human beings that as soon as a problem arises, I become a hermit. For a very long time I’ve tried to deal with problems myself and in turn think that I’m being all ‘independent woman’ and all that…but when it comes down to it, all I’m doing is making it harder for myself. Everyone needs support – it’s handy I’ll tell you.

I have to say that without the constant support from my trainers, the rest of the guys at work, friends, family, strangers and pets (yes, animals too) I actually think there is a high chance I would have given up. The type of support can be in all forms; the personal trainers of course guide me with my progress, nutrition and training and some tough love but having people around you to spur you on and in my case, stop me from being a huge wuss.

You could go ahead and think I might be biased but of all of my years of training…having a personal trainer from UP is one of the best things I’ve done.

Day 62 – Stretching

As I’m getting stronger, my muscles are getting tighter and stuff seems to ache more – so please, for the love of god remember to take the time to stretch. The last thing you want to do when you’re making progress is to go and ruin it by pulling a muscle and having something to whinge about.

You may not look like an elegant swan or a ballerina in her prime but as long as you’ve got the technique correct, it doesn’t matter…its good for you and practice makes perfect right?! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my trainers have made me realise how important other factors can be other than just sweating in the gym.

Ultimate Performance - Under Pressure

UP trainers are constantly educating themselves with the highest standard of knowledge, seminars with the world’s best coaches and of course the main man himself, Nick Mitchell, to learn from. So if they tell you that stretching helps progression, I’ll be sure to take their word for it.

Day 64 – The Back Up Plan

I’ve not really talked about my food that much recently but if I’m honest, there’s not a huge amount to talk about. Many people have asked me, “how strict do you need to be?” and my trainer will say “it depends”…always. And it does, it depends on how bad you want it, how much of a result do you want to see and whether you actually want to be pleased with what you’ve achieved. Sure, if you want to continue training only to see no difference whatsoever, go ahead and eat your cake. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Ultimate Performance - Food Prep

That said, when it comes to food prep you have to have a backup plan. Day 64 saw me without lunch (cause I never bothered to make it) and then I was stuck, I was stuck with Tesco’s plainest chicken they could provide and a bag of microwaveable veg. These are those times when you wish you’d bothered but hey! never fear. Thanks to a good friend of mine I came across FlavorGod seasonings, in particular a ‘lemon and garlic’ salt – sprinkle this all over the blandest meal ever created and hey presto! a wonderful meal is produced.

Seriously, if you ever embark on such a journey you will appreciate the small things more than you can imagine and you’ll also come to the conclusion that you don’t need all of that stuff that is bad for you and is potentially putting you out of shape.

Until next time.


Content and Email Manager at Ultimate Performance

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