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My Fitness Journey – Letting Myself Go

Working at UP, the worlds leading personal trainers and global experts in the fitness industry, would put me in a very lucky position to be able to train like a beast and stay super healthy. Right?

Well yes, in some senses that is very true, but as with any new job, it can be intense and your personal life can be pushed to one side. This is the part where I tell you a very sad story as to why I got out of shape and needed help…no, no I won’t do that. I will however tell you I got a new job, started working in the city with endless quick and calorie filled food options, countless Starbucks visits and a lot less time to focus on ‘looking after myself’. Not to mention ending my last relationship and feeling a little sorry for myself…so I got lazy.

For me, I have no excuse to let this happen but it happens to all of us. We all get carried away, focusing on our jobs, too busy to cook a healthy meal, too tired to stop drinking sugary latte’s and too focused on everything else to even realise what we’re doing to our bodies. My problem? Until last year I’d been a Gymnast for all my life, training all the time and being happy with my body…so when I’m not training, I get a little emotional. I let my fitness slip, I let eating well go right out the window and in return, I started to lose it. I was putting on weight, my skin was greasy, I felt like absolute tripe. Waking up in the morning got harder, socialising felt more of an effort, focusing at work was difficult and I was turning into an emotional wreck. It’s one thing noticing this negativity yourself, but it’s another when the people around you, your friends, family and colleagues can see it too.

I had to snap out of it, I knew what I had to do.

Of course, having UP literally on my office doorstep can make a fitness routine easier for me but it certainly doesn’t change all of the factors that we all have to consider when trying to juggle work, social and ‘keeping fit’ into our lives. I’ve always admired those who keep this up; the majority of UP clients own their own businesses, have families to look after and have the world of jobs to get through everyday but they figure it out with the help of UP and the results for them, are life changing. So I’m giving it a go myself.

I’m going to put myself in our clients shoes’, sort my shit out and get my act together. Before you even consider it, please don’t think I’m going to sugar coat any of this. I will record as much as possible, the good, the bad and the ugly, so you can see the ups and downs of a 12 Week UP Transformation. You see the before and afters and yes, they are incredible.

What you don’t see is all of the determination, commitment and potential tears our clients experience to achieve such results.

I may not be the biggest person in the world but currently I’m not in a good place mentally, my confidence has dropped significantly and no one should feel unhappy in their own skin. So allow me to share my experience with you, tears and all and maybe you can share yours too.

Until next time.


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