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My Fitness Journey – Week 4: The Magic of Personal Training

It’s been 4 weeks now. 4 weeks of saying no to doughnuts and cakes and yes to all of the broccoli and chicken. 4 weeks of lifting all of the weights and 4 weeks of watching my body fat drop. Is it challenging? Yes, yes it is. Is it working? Yes and every week, UP are showing me exactly why they are the best in the world when it comes to personal training.

In case you wondered what I get up to other than telling you all about what I’ve been eating…I write stuff. I manage and create the content for Ultimate Performance that goes onto social media, magazines and emails. This also includes pulling together the incredible stories of some of our UP clients so I’ve actually read about a lot of the trials and tribulations I am now going through myself throughout this fitness journey. Does it make it any easier? No, no it does not.

Week 4 seemed to be all about testing my limits, my body and my commitment to the ’12 week cause’ and here’s why.

Day 26: Fighting The Cravings

I realise I’ve been talking about food a lot; some may call it ‘moaning’ but hey, we all deal with things in our own way and moaning allows me get it off my chest; it’s my party and I’ll whinge if I want to. There have been days where naughty foods (cake and fatty chips) haven’t interested me in the slightest but there’s also the other days. The other days are the problem, the other days have me wanting to eat everything in sight.

When you start clean eating, you are going to find that all of the other foods you can’t have, you’ll crave more than you’ve ever craved before. Clean eating seems to be doing that to me right now and the only thing I can do is say no, try and avoid even looking at anything remotely sugary and crack on with my spinach.

Ultimate Performance - Clean Eating

Day 27: Dehydration. Round 2

It happened again. I woke up on day 27 feeling like death again; I’m not much of a drinker and this felt like a hangover from hell. I’ve also found the culprit of my dehydration problems…the Watt bike. The Watt bike isn’t part of my training but it’s flippin’ great for getting a rate good sweat on and if you come out of a session looking like a drowned rat, it’s quite an achievement in my eyes.

The downside to that much sweating is not realising just how much water I’ve lost and not making up for it can cause problems. The first time this happened, I thought it could have just been a bit of a fluke but I know now I really need to up my drinking game.

My PT told me to buy a big bottle of water to make it easier to keep track of how much I’m drinking – this way, when I’ve downed (not literally) 2 full bottles, I know I’ve had my daily dose of hydration. I also came up with my own strategy…emojis. The more water I drink, the happier my emojis get (sad I know)!

Ultimate Performance - Drinking Water

Day 28: The Magic of Personal Training

Day 28 was a big day. For the last few weeks I’ve been following a training plan written by my trainer and it felt like I’d been giving it a good go. I’m lifting more, the dumbbells I’m using are getting bigger and I’m noticing my body is starting to look a lot leaner…so yes, it felt like I’d been training hard if I do say so myself.

I was wrong.

My first personal training session was a shock to the system and if I ever needed to know why you should hire a personal trainer, Steve made sure I knew the answer.

I was shown exactly how to position my body to make sure everything I did counted (hurt like hell) and when I was ready to stop, my trainer soon made me realise that stopping wasn’t an option.

Ultimate Performance - Personal Training

I was genuinely blown away by the difference in training with a personal trainer. I was almost sure my arms were about to explode but at the end of that one hour, I had a lot of trust in UP to know that training like this and eating right, would guarantee a result I’d be more than happy with.

Day 29: Winning the Craving Battle

This is a very short story but one I feel I have to tell. Friday night at home, it had been a long week and of course this is usually the perfect time for a takeaway or a treat of some sort. I did however refrain from doing anything of the sort and thought I’d gotten away with it.

Then there was my housemate. She bought me a whole bag of fruit pastilles, not just a packet, a whole bag. A bag of sweets, for free, and I had to turn them down. I have to say, it was a sad, sad moment…but I said no.

I told you it was a short story.

Until next time.


PR & Content Manager at Ultimate Performance

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