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5 Bodybuilding Tips to Boost Your Training & Fat Loss

Nick Mitchell shares his top 5 tips on how to boost your bodybuilding training and fat loss

Metabolism & Fat Loss Myths

Want to know everything that you need to know about the metabolism and fat loss? Read on to find out more.

Diet & Fat Loss: The Eternal Conundrum

Find out which diet we discuss in relation to losing fat in the best healthy way

Q&A: Diet Coke, Caffeine & Fat Loss

UP Founder, Nick Mitchell discusses caffeine and how this might affect your fat loss efforts.

Fat Loss Q&As: Sticking Points & Yohimbine

The sticking points to the answers of fat loss and Yohimbine

Q&A: Advanced Training for Fat Loss?

Our professional personal trainers answer your questions on the most advanced training for fat loss

5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes in January

If you want to burn fat an get a six pack, stop making these 5 mistakes

The Truth About Fat Loss Supplements

The right fat loss supplement implemented at the right time can massively increase fat loss results, here are our tips.

Dietary Fats You Can Eat to Lose Fat

All fats are most definitely not equal and consuming fats daily can be beneficial to your diet. Read the facts here..

The Truth About Exercise for Fat Loss

Read our top tips on the right exercise to maximise fat loss, by UP founder and fitness guru Nick Mitchell.

Fat Loss Diet: How to Eat to Lose Fat

Eating the right foods for fat loss is crucial to achieving great results, here's our tips and advice.

Fat Loss Transformation Tip #2: Patience Management

Here we are halfway through a body transformation and the results are already clear to see, here's a fat loss tip.

Does Fasted Cardio Work for Fat Loss?

Fasted cardio is a hot topic in the world of fitness. Some swear by it, others think it is rubbish. Hear Nick's thoughts

The 2 Easiest Fat Loss Tips in the World!

Two really simple fat loss tips that will help to kill your cravings and keep your diet on track, by Nick Mitchell.

101 Fat Loss Tips: Eat Fat Before Bed

101 tips to lose fat and get lean: eat fat before bed! Many people think fat is the enemy of fat loss, are they wrong?

101 Fat Loss Tips: 18) Chew Gum

101 tips to lose fat and get lean: chew gum! Nick delves into the effects behind this tip

101 Fat Loss Tips: 17) Drink Water Before Eating

The next tip in the 101 tips to lose fat and get lean series, read this and many more useful tips on the UP Fitness blog

Three Weeks to a Photo Shoot: Time to Get in Shape!

Life gets on top of all of us at some point, but it's how you bounce back that counts...

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