Fat Loss Transformation Tip #1: Blood Sugar Management

Fat Loss Transformation Tip 1: Blood Sugar Management

If this looks like your own back then the very first thing you must do for your health and any fat loss goals is to get a firm control over your own blood sugar management!

When faced with a body like this, you resist the temptation to throw up your hands and give up (or do what we have recently been told one London personal trainer does and opt for the easy route by going gently with the client, and having workouts that resemble social meetings more than hard training sessions – you know who you are by the way, you’re the trainer who criticises other trainers who push and drive for results with their clients, pleading “this isn’t what it is all about” (you’re right by the way, it isn’t “everything” but it damn well is the main reason most people come to see a trainer), and who makes comments suggesting that hard working trainers fake results or give unrealistic expectations) and you come up with a plan of attack that your client (or you personally if you don’t have a trainer) can realistically follow.

You assess not just the physical side of things, but spend as much time on an ongoing basis as possible to get under the skin of the client so that you can help them achieve amazing things. Because trust me when I say that we can all achieve amazing feats with our bodies – the first step is believing in what you can do.

The second step with a body like this one is always blood sugar management. That means pretty much no carbs directly other than from green veg. You’d need to keep half an eye on calorie intake to ensure he has a satiety point (some obese people do not), but the main thing would be the quality of what went in his mouth. Ideally, he’d do a very low carb initial period and you’d review body composition, energy, performance, emotional state, sleeping patterns every few days. You may tweak and add more carbs as you go on, you may not, it will all depend upon those aforementioned factors and we will discuss carb cycling for fat loss in a later tip.

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