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Nick Mitchell: Being Fat Is Not Good

Being fat is not good. If you are fat you will almost certainly die because of it.

Yet there are snowflake voices out there that want us to embrace “body positivity” and decry “fat shaming”.

If you are fat, or even worse if your child is fat, and there is nothing medically wrong with you (yet) to cause you to be fat, then the shame should come from you to yourself because you’re squandering your health with gluttony and physical idleness.

Ridiculing someone for the way that they look is pathetic and should be the reserve of playground bullies, but nor should we ever have a “movement” that accepts a slow and painful version of suicide.

We don’t praise smokers, and by and large accept that they are being foolish with their health. There are many analogies between that and obesity.

Take some personal responsibility, think of your loved ones, think of yourself and the one chance that you get at this life.

Start an exercise and healthy eating plan, you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to ever want or need a six pack to reap enormous, rapid, and lasting benefits.

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