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Nick Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, the world’s only global personal training business. With private personal training gyms across four continents, an unrivalled track record for results, and a number of best-selling books, Nick is regarded as one of the world’s leading body composition experts. Nick and his team help thousands of clients worldwide achieve remarkable transformation results across U.P.’s network of gyms, online training programs, books and app technology.

Why getting ‘buy-in’ with clients is paramount for trainers

Getting the buy-in from your clients is the most important, and most challenging, aspect of our job. It can’t be faked or gamed for long, it has to come from the heart. For some, it comes from a burning desire to help people. Whilst for others, it comes from a love of achievement for driving […]

What The Gym Means To Me – Nick Mitchell

It has been over a year now since all U.P. gyms in the nine countries in which we operate have been open all at the same time.  We’re still not out of the woods because the Netherlands currently has no real visibility on when their hard lockdown will be curtailed, but Monday April 12th marked […]

How parents and children can deal with lockdown weight gain naturally

The past 12 months of the coronavirus and intermittent lockdowns have been a challenging time for both parents and children, especially with normal routines and patterns of work, learning and play disrupted.  This ‘new normal’ has been hard to adjust to for many families.   The latest lockdown, coming off the back of a typically over-indulgent Christmas period, is likely to have created the […]

How to Respond to Fitness Haters

Bitter, hateful losers have existed since time immemorial. Up to a point we’ve simply got to suck it up and just consider dealing with them as a part of life. But without question, the dual rise of both social media and victimhood culture, where a small subset of absolute clowns worship the victim and actively […]

How to Tell If Your Trainer Is a Keeper

Being a great trainer is impossible to fake. You don’t have to like your client. In fact, in the unfortunate circumstance when you think your client is a schmuck, it really isn’t the end of the world. “Liking” someone is irrelevant, albeit mildly helpful. What counts is professional pride. You don’t have to like your […]

Q&A: How Much Water Do You Drink When You Workout?

How much do you drink when you workout?

Nick Mitchell: Find People Who Lift You Up!

Negativity breeds negativity. Here Nick Mitchell explains why it's important to find people who lift you up.

Nick Mitchell: Why Most of the Online Fitness Community Disgusts Me

Why Most of the Online Fitness Community Disgusts Me

Nick Mitchell: The Truth About Celebrities’ Body Transformations

Nick Mitchell explains what it really takes to achieve a transformation that Insta-celebs don't tell you

Nick Mitchell: Are Bodybuilding Personal Trainers Really the Best?

Nick Mitchell has changed his mind that 'bodybuilding personal trainers are best' after building his UP empire
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