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Part 2: 5 Ways Men are Better than Women

Part one saw women winning the age-old gender battle with their innate ability to out-perform men in the gym.

However, it’s not all one way.

Here’re five ways men are better than women:

1. Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Men are physically stronger than women, as they have, on average, more total muscle mass, both in absolute terms and relative to body weight.

Their muscle mass advantage stems from a testosterone count over 10 times the amount found in women.

As a result, their capacity for hypertrophy will always be higher.

In addition, men typically have higher ratios of fast twitch type II muscle fibres, which have the greatest ability to grow and exert force.

This difference in strength is most pronounced in the upper body, possibly because women distribute more mass towards the lower body.

2. Faster Results


The advantage of having more muscle mass carries over when it comes to losing body fat.

Men typically do get leaner quicker than women due to a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Remember, the more muscle mass you have, the greater this BMR will be.

To makes things even better for men, even if you had a male and female lose fat at exactly the same rate, it almost always looks more dramatic on a male because of that larger base of muscle.

3. Weights Over Cardio

When chasing an improved physique, resistance training will be able to have a greater impact than relying solely on cardio.

Men are typically more drawn to the weights areas of gyms, as they’re well aware of the benefits it can have in building muscle, targeting specific body parts and consequently elevating the metabolism.

Historically, weights have been demonised into turning women ‘manly’, and this social stigma has stapled far too many women onto the treadmill for years.

The good news is, more women are now making the switch and reaping the rewards!

4. Visually Driven

Nearly all women are slaves to the scale.

This obsession drives them to terrible dieting practices (more on that next!), too much cardio and chronic stress over numbers.

Men, on the other hand, care more about how their suits fit, and if they can now see a vein in their biceps.

This visually-driven nature means men rely less on the scale to appreciate changes in their body composition, whereas some women will often dismiss a drop in two dress sizes if the scale didn’t show much movement.

5. Less Fad Dieting

The dieting industry is worth billions of pounds.

The problem is, fad diets represent a large share of this, and women are the biggest victims.

Men are more resistant to the allure of ‘losing a stone in 3 days’ than women, who get sucked into false promises, only to end up in a hormonal and metabolic catastrophe, as this article explains.

Physiologically speaking, the advantages men possess are routed to their higher testosterone counts.

This then translates into greater levels of muscle mass and strength.

However, it seems where men do really well compared to women is in their ability to be driven towards good practices when improving body composition.

Specifically, partaking in both weights and cardio, focusing on visual improvements and eating sensible diets.

Wouldn’t you agree? 😉

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