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When Times Get Tough I Train: Sandra’s Journey Week 4

Why is life never simple?

After an awesome few weeks training and dieting, I was thinking ‘This is great, I’ve got my life back!’ Then my uncle died, and I found out my dog has cancer.

It always seems like life has a way of kicking you in the teeth when you’re doing well and getting somewhere.

It’s really not easy when you’ve got family things going on and you are shattered – but you have to carry on.

My kids decided to do a relay race of waking up through the night, so I only had two hours sleep and was dreading training.

But my trainer was so sweet. He found the cheesiest 80’s pop tune to lift my mood, and I ended up laughing all the way through training.

I was doing 100kg on the hack squat and got to the point where my legs were shaking and I could barely move, but I just got on with it.



No matter how hard you think a session might be, you’ll always feel better at the end of it.

It’s all about mindset.  Standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down can be frightening; looking out is easy.  In the grand scheme of things, will this gym session kill me? No. It might hurt a bit, but generally, it’s fine.

I’ve been through a lot worse; I’ve been hit by a bus, fallen down several flights of steps, knocked myself out skiing, broken my teeth cycling and I’ve had two children.  This is just lifting weights. Your personal trainer will be there to make sure you don’t injure yourself and help you through the session and get you where you need to be.

This week I found out just how much a good personal trainer can actually.

Five days after horse riding, my thighs were still on fire.  It was agony on the pendulum squat machine and I literally couldn’t do any more.  So, my trainer, James told me to squeeze a foam roller between my knees while squatting. The pain completely left and I was able to continue on the pendulum.

How the heck did he know that would work? As a client, this seems like magic, but my trainer explained this was routine for a well educated personal trainer – and the education UP trainers receive is second to none.

Learning from my trainer about weight lifting has completely changed my view on training – something that’s now an outlet for me.


My go-to form of exercise before Ultimate Performance, was running.  I hated going to the gym, didn’t know what to do and found it boring.  But this is completely different.  The results are so much quicker and I thoroughly enjoy it.

My weight and body fat are going down week on week and it’s amazing.

While life may never be simple and time can get tough, this part of my life is simple – I don’t eat cake, drink lots of water and go to the gym three times a week.

You expect pain and complaints, but I have none.  Maybe because this is my only bit of ‘me’ time in the week.

Even before the kids came along, I would work 12 to 14 hours a day and still never have an hour to myself.

Now I’ve got an hour in the gym with someone focusing on me and wanting me to do well.  At the beginning of the 12 weeks, my trainer and I discussed my lifestyle and worked through ways to improve things and it’s made my life so much easier.

After just four weeks, I’ve got so much more energy.  The mid-afternoon slump is a thing of the past.  Before this transformation started, I would get home, eat, put the kids to bed, then get my laptop out again but I was too tired to do any decent, productive work.

Now, I’m finally learning the importance of rest and recovery.

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