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Sandra’s Fitness Journey: Week 3) Chocolate & Emotional Eating

I’ve really enjoyed every training session so far, I look forward to them, even if it means getting out of bed at 5 am.  

But temptation is around every corner, or in my case, egg tray.  I’ve had omelette, poached or scrambled eggs every day for breakfast for the last 18 days, and each day I’ve seen the chunky KitKat and mint Aero chocolate bars stored in the fridge door by my husband, and not given them a second thought.  Today was different.

The vet called me at work.  The lump in my dog’s mouth, which we’d only noticed because I was making her pose for an Instagram photo to show how I get my 10,000 steps in, has been removed and is cancerous.

We’ve had this beauty for eight years and are completely devastated. The vet may have managed to remove it all before it has time to spread, that’s all we can hope for.

That’s another reason for my gratitude for this transformation.  We may not have spotted it for a start.

It’s also made me appreciate how time is precious and we should live our lives to the full, and that’s a damn sight easier when you’re fit and healthy.

I will probably be one of the oldest mums at school sports day, but I’m determined to make my kids proud. I won’t be the out-of-breath wobbly one at the back of the mum’s race, that’s for sure.


Unfortunately, I only came to these conclusions after attacking the chocolate bars stored in the egg compartment.

After being a star pupil in the diet department (pie and ‘winegate’ incident aside), I’d like to say I was pretty annoyed with myself, but I wasn’t, I was annoyed with my husband.

What was he thinking, storing them in my peripheral vision?  I snapped, told him if he was going to eat them, he had to leave them in his car from now on, otherwise, I’d be shoving them in my face.

I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not even a big fan of KitKats.  A colleague sat eating fish and chips at their desk yesterday, it smelled gorgeous but didn’t tempt me in the slightest.

I have had coffee with friends and declined the bite-sized macarons and indulgent cream cakes, no problem, but now I’ve truly fallen of the wagon.

It just goes to show that bad food choices are usually linked to emotion and tiredness.

Three weeks in and I’m thinking more about my relationship with food. When you’re concentrating on everything you do and your sleep (or lack of) it does make you reflect a bit more on how you make food choices and whether we even make the choices; or if it’s just your body taking over and saying ‘get sugar in me now’.  Sometimes I think women just need chocolate.


However, I’m going to put that behind me and ban chocolate from my fridge for the remaining nine weeks.

Yes, I’ve slipped up, but all is not lost. I’m not thinking that’s it now, nor am I planning to overindulge again, and I’m sure my trainer will have a very level-headed and philosophical response to it.

His approach is about keeping things more sustainable and teaching me that even if I do have a wobble or a treat, it’s not the end of the world; I can make some adjustments and then get back to it.

It’s a much more healthy and balanced view of life in general.  I’m getting on with things as best as I can, and he gets that. I’ve got kids, a family, a stressful job and I don’t sleep much at all.  I wouldn’t last two minutes if I was getting punished and moaned at, I’ve got enough stress.

His approach is more of a lifestyle change and I can imagine it will be something I can easily continue with once these 12 weeks are over.

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