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Vivienne Changed 3 Things to Achieve 13kg Weight Loss

Everyone needs a little help sometimes to achieve their fitness goals. 

Vivienne was struggling with her weight and felt like she was going round in circles with her diet, trying and failing to get in shape.

She was eating chocolate and junk food in an endless cycle and didn’t know where to start to make the big changes she wanted.

But training with Ultimate Performance has given 26-year-old Vivienne the tools to lose weight, control her diet and feel good again.

It took just 12 weeks for her to lose 13.5kg and drastically reduce her body fat.

“This has completely changed me. Being physically fitter makes you feel healthier and feel happier in yourself and motivates you to see what else you can achieve.”


Vivienne says she was in bad shape when she came to UP – she didn’t know about nutrition and had never lifted weights before, but she was determined to take back control of her health, her fitness, and her figure.

“My motivation was to lose weight, look and feel better, as you feel rubbish when you are out of shape,” she explains.

“Before starting, I was proper fat and felt a lack of energy and found it difficult to know how to change as I would be eating all wrong then not exercising consistently so not seeing any results and generally feeling self-critical as it was my own fault after all.

“My diet and lifestyle were not healthy; I was eating bad like chocolate and processed foods and then eating a bit restrictively and going round in circles not losing weight. I didn’t exercise regularly so I had no routine.”

But the moment Vivienne started working with her UP personal trainer things started to change, and she started seeing immediate results.

Three main things made a massive difference for Vivienne on her weight loss journey, she explains. Things that she never knew and had been stopping her from achieving the body she wanted before.

Understanding food, diet, and calorie intake helped her shift the weight, increasing her daily activity level increased the fat burn and then lifting weights for the first time helped shape her figure and improve her body composition.

“My diet and lifestyle changed completely as I became aware of counting calories and increasing my protein and not eating rubbish, but more importantly I was doing these steps every day not as I would have been before being invested, then not following through.  

“My exercise completely changed as I never did weights before or workout as much as I did at UP.”


She says the training was challenging – but it showed her how far she could push herself and what it really takes to change her body.

“The training was fun and hard at times, but I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone, but didn’t know how to do it myself, so I needed guidance.

“My trainer Luke was very good at knowing how to push you and ensure you are doing every rep correctly and it’s motivating to see you have improved and got stronger.

“Luke was very helpful in keeping me focused when I slipped up and with getting back on track.

“I have become a lot fitter and found that I enjoy feeling fitter and being able to move better with a lot more energy.”

One of the most profound things Vivienne has taken from the experience is the art of self-discipline which has really helped her get in the shape she wanted.

“I learned to be disciplined with eating and exercise and to be consistent with it every day and pushing through times when you thought you should give up.

“I also learned what works for me and I saw how disciplined Luke was with what he ate and realised you have to put in the effort to change.

“I learned that you can’t be perfect the all the time so it’s a case of getting on track again if you eat badly.

“The fact that Luke said anyone can change their life in a short time and get the results they want was very motivating as I began to think it was possible -and planted the 15% body fat goal!”


Vivienne was thrilled with the result she was able to achieve with UP. She says the expert knowledge and guidance was invaluable in helping her understand the optimal way to lose weight and get in shape.

“I would recommend UP for sure as it’s very professional, with trainers that are able to give the correct advice and expertise in an industry that’s got so much information and it’s difficult to know which advice is right.

“I never had any injuries, so the trainers know how to push you in a safe way and are very motivating towards your goals in helping you to believe you actually achieve them and improve your life.

“I’m really glad I chose UP fitness – you are definitely the best!”

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